Creative and Colorful Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

I just bought my last Christmas gift and it feels so good to be done with all my shopping!  All that is left to do is wrap everything and honestly I kinda like that part.  There are so many fun and clever ways to spice up wrapping paper – heck you don’t even have to use paper.  I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite DIY wrapping paper options and hopefully it will convince you that since you spent all that time picking the perfect gift, you should spend just as much time picking the perfect wrapping paper.

How to wrap gifts to look like a Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins

Giving someone more than one gift?  Stack them up!  These 3 boxes were wrapped and stacked in graduating sizes to resemble a Christmas tree.  Plus I even made a matching clay Christmas gift tag.

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for more fun gift wrapping ideas!

Hand painted wrapping paper by Jennifer Perkins

When I’m not crafting, I’m painting.  Which I guess is basically crafting.  Have fun with your wrapping paper and consider including a hand painted ornament as a gift topper instead of a bow.  Two gifts in one!  Find some of mine over on Jennifer Perkins Art.

Use a kid's artwork on Shrinky Dinks to create custom gift tags by Jennifer Perkins

I love Shrinky Dinks!  I’ve used them to make backpack charms, ugly Christmas sweater wine glass charms, unicorn flair and now custom gift tags.  Have kids draw their own or trace images from coloring books like this wreath from Julz Nally.

DIY felt Christmas crackers instead of wrapping paper by Jennifer Perkins

Just because you don’t live in England does not mean you can’t enjoy Christmas crackers.  My version is felt instead of paper.  Though it does not go pop when you open it, still looks super duper cute!

Paint your own gift bags with a modern Memphis theme by Jennifer Perkins

Over on HGTV I have 10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas and one of the most simple are these hand painted gift bags.  Choose a random Memphis influenced modern pattern and you can’t go wrong.  All that is left to do is Match Your Wrapping Paper to Your Tree with the colors you choose.

Use an old sweater to wrap gifts by Jennifer Perkins

No ugly Christmas sweaters here – just adorable recycled ones used as gift wrap.  If moths got the better of your sweater turn that frown upside down and create some clever wrapagami.  Aka Japanese inspired furoshiki fabric wrapping paper.

Vintage style Christmas cones as wrapping paper by Jennifer Perkins

Go old school with Christmas cones.  All you need is some decorative scrapbooking paper and small gifts.  Kinda like a stocking but typically hung on door knobs and backs of chairs.

Stack thrifted cookie tins for unique holiday wrapping or as a Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins

Over on DIY Network I’m sharing some Wildly Technicolor Tabletop Christmas Trees including this one made with thrifted cookie tins.  Great for gifts like fruitcakes and cookies.

Use a toy dinosaur to give a gift card - Jennifer Perkins

If you are giving jewelry or gift cards up the fun factor with these Kitschmas dinosaurs.  Toy dinosaurs have been painted and packed up with tiny gifts.  Gift cards have a stigma of being less than thoughtful gifts, present them with custom wrapping paper and no one will dare think that.

How to fold a vinyl record sleeve to make a gift box by Jennifer Perkins

Gifting your favorite music lover?  Throw out your scratched vinyl records (or decorate a Christmas tree with them) and work a little origami magic on the cardboard sleeve.  Check out Recycled Record Lovers Gift Wrap.

What is your favorite most clever gift wrapping idea?  I could wrap for days so tell me everything.  Oh and be sure to check out my Wrapping Paper Pinboard for even more inspiration.



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