You are Cordially Invited to my Wedding

After my book review of The Paper Bride, I got nostalgic for my own wedding. I feel guilty admitting that all my wedding pictures were in my attic before this blog post. One day I will get them into a photo album I swear. In the meantime I thought I would share some of my favorite things from my nuptials. Like my kitschy cake made by Fancy Cakes by Lauren in Dallas. After filming a few episodes of Craft Lab with Elisa Strauss I have a whole new respect for cakes likes this. I wish I had remembered the photo confetti we had sprinkled all over the tables for Tallulah’s birthday, next year!

My cake was frilly and the grooms cake was a weenie dog. Yup a weenie dog. We also had a framed picture next to the cake explaining why it was a weenie dog. You can see it has to do with one of Chris’s tattoos.

Nobody wants to wear their wedding heels all night long on the dance floor, why not supply your female guests with flip flops. Fans too for those warm summer nights.

I wanted something different for my registry book. I bought a vintage library book off of eBay, sent it to Ex Libiris Anonymous and presto! The book was passed around at the wedding with a Polaroid camera, pens and markers. I still love to look back at all the pictures and read the funny pearls of wisdom that people wrote.

My grandmother was not able to make it to my wedding, but her vintage washing machine was there. We also had a cast iron claw foot bathtub in the backyard cooling bevies for the guests.

Bored with the standard mixed CD souvenir we opted for custom drink koozies. Look closely in the background and you can see the bathtub beer cooler before it was filled up.

It’s important to remember your pint sized guests too. Coloring sheets, bubbles, side walk chalk and a pinata kept my wee guests happy.

I have a shelf full of antique wedding cake toppers in my studio and a giant tupperware bin full of vintage tablecloths in my attic all left from my wedding. Each table had a different tablecloth and centerpiece.

Invitations, RSVPs and Save the Date Cards all set the stage for your wedding. I had vintage Pulp Fiction book covers converted into postcards as my RSVP cards. I also asked my guests to request a song so that I was sure the wedding mix would have something for everyone. Let me just say there were so many people dancing and having a good time, my wedding got shut down by the police. No really.

Thank you for coming to my stroll through wedding memory lane. Like I said yesterday, I sometimes fantasize about writing a wedding book. I have lots of new ideas. Did you do anything fun for your nuptials? I’d love to hear all about it.

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  1. creativegoddess

    Thanks Jennifer for the walk down memory lane. You two are such cuties. And thanks too for the smile. I'm doing my own remembering today as my youngest child turns 17. It all goes so fast. May you and Chris be blessed with many anniversaries! 🙂

  2. jewelrygirl

    I love love love the cake! The book is an awesome idea. I wish I had thought of it. We are having a ten year anniversary party this year, maybe I can do it then!

    Jennifer, those are great, fun pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful wedding!

  3. Nicole Maki

    Your wedding was wonderful and all the ideas are fabulous. We just celebrated our 15th and may have a wedding again at 20.

    Our wedding was a whirlwind – 8 weeks from meeting to wedding – but we had a traditional wedding. We had goldfish bowls for centerpieces so everyone could take home a pet (everyone named theirs Chris and Nicole, funny!) and we had balloons instead of flowers. We

  4. SewSweetStitches

    I love the idea of asking guests to suggest songs! And the guest book- *swoon*
    My wedding was very handmade, and the colors/style was vintage french pink and blue with gold and silver, very Marie Antoinett-ish.
    April is our 1-year anniversary, so I'm gonna do a giant wedding week on my blog, complete with tutorials!p

  5. Donna

    Your wedding cake was so cool! The wedding book is an excellent idea, but you should take the wedding album out of the attic before you start it. Don't want to miss any of those genius gems. What I enjoyed most about your wedding photos (and ideas) was the complete personalization. May borrow confetti idea for my upcoming birthday party and for the kids too! Maybe the book could be a

  6. Nicole

    Your wedding looks adorable! I love the photo confetti! This post is totally going into my wedding idea book! I'm always on the look out for cute wedding ideas (and a groom). 🙂

  7. Jenny Day

    We rented a summer camp for the weekend! We got married in early June when the camp was being readied for the season. Families were invited too. We got married on the soccer field late afternoon, then kids and adults split up for the reception. Kids had pizza party/movie night (the counselors babysat) while adults had a traditional reception in the grand hall.


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