Give Your Hanging Planters a DIY Yarn Wrapped Makeover

Not that plants ever go out of style, but all things green are having a bit of boost in popularity these days.  Air plants, cactus and succulents are especially hot. White hot. A quick glance through Pinterest and you are sure to spot a cluster of hanging glass globes with a wee little plant inside (check out my Hanging Planters Pinterest Board). I too love all things plant crafts and thought I would pop in to add my own spin!

DIY yarn wrapped hanging planters with pompoms and gel pen doodles by Jennifer Perkins

There is no shortage of ready-made hanging planters available at stores.  The fun part is customizing said planters.  Will you stencil them with glass paint, convert them into monsters or in this case wrap it in yarn.  The more embellishment the merrier is what I always say.  Please note affiliate links ahead – purchasing anything through these links helps support this blog and my thrift store habit.

All the craft supplies you need for creating a yarn wrapped hanging planter.

– Craft glue
– Yarn
– Aquarium gravel
– Small succulent or air plant
– Scissors
Yarn Wrapped Planters: Create your own amazing DIY Boho succulent planter with yarn. Click through for the complete tutorial. |
Sometimes you get lucky and score a planter with a fake plant already nestled inside.  That was the case with this example.  Start by adding craft glue where you want to add your yarn wrapping.  Add yarn while the glue is still wet.  You can use hot glue too, but craft glue gives you a little more time for adjustments.
Embellished glass terrarium with yarn trim and pompoms by Jennifer Perkins
Add a pompom on top for good measure, because ya know everything is better with a pompom.  Oh and if you need to learn how to make a pompom check out this post.  Also, if you are smitten with the pineapple lady pop over to my Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy store.
 Wrap a hanging terrarium with yarn and pompoms for a fun boho spin by Jennifer Perkins
 Feel free to wrap as much or as little of your planter as you want. I like to be able to see a little the plant and some of the colorful aquarium gravel.
DIY hanging terrarium with colorful yarn embellishments and succulents by Jennifer Perkins
 Display your plants somewhere sunny and water like you would any other plant (or not at all if it is plastic).  These tiny terrariums are so fun, colorful and easy.
Want more DIY planter inspiration?  Keep reading!
How to customize a planter with gel pens.
Gel Pen Embellished Planters – Up your yarn wrapped planter game by adding in some paint and gel pen accents too!

DIY This With Jennifer Perkins – How to weave a hanging planter.  Oh so groovy and shaggy!

DIY hanging planter made with recycled Mardi Gras beads, pompom fringe and a tassel by Jennifer Perkins
Boho Hanging Planter With Mardi Gras Beads – What is a girl to do with all those leftover Mardi Gras beads?  Make a planter of course.  Also, check out these 
 Easy DIY upgrades for glass hanging planters and terrariums by Jennifer Perkins



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