How to Make a DIY Yarn Pompom Christmas Tree

I love me a good pompom craft all year long, but I may love them a little bit more at Christmas.  I’ve got pompoms on wreaths, garlands – I’m even making pompom Christmas trees.  Wanna know how to make your own yarntastic Kitschmas forest?  Ya, I thought so.

How to make a yarn Christmas tree forest full of pompoms by Jennifer Perkins

Stop over to DIY Network and check out my post called Wildly Technicolor Tabletop Christmas Trees.  You can take a peeksie at some of the fun trees I’ve made this holiday season including fabric wrapped, folded magazines, tomato cages and you guessed it – yarn pompoms.

Notice that there are actually 3 DIY trees.  Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins to learn how to make them all.  Oh and if you are not totally sure about how to make a yarn pompom check out this post: Adorable DIY Pompom Covered Pillows PLUS 8 Videos to Teach You How to Make Your Own.

Make a forest full of DIY yarn pompom Christmas trees by Jennifer Perkins

So what kind of yarn tree are you going to make this year?  Yarn wrapped, yarn scrap or yarn pompom?  Is there yet another option I’m not thinking of?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  Oh and what do you do with all your pompom scraps?  Seriously, I’m always trying to think of things for them.  Seems like such a waste to throw them out.

DIY yarn forest and Christmas decorations by Jennifer Perkins

There they are – my wee little yarn forest.  They look pretty cute in front of my new Flocked Christmas Tree.  See, not all my trees and decorations are neon pink and crazy.  Well ok, most of them are but some are red and green.  Now that I’ve typed that out loud I’m off to make a neon pink version of these yarn trees.


Want more ideas for table-top trees?  Keep reading!


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