Yarn Halloween Pom Pom Banner Tutorial

I’m kinda addicted to making yarn pom poms lately. This could be because I don’t know how to do much else with yarn, but it is also because pom poms are so stinkin’ cute. Pom pom banners are even cuter yet, so let’s make one shall we.


Yarn I used Sheep(ish)

Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Measuring Tape


The first thing you need to do is make a ton of pom poms. There are about a bazillion ways to do that and even pom pom makers. I wrapped yarn around my four fingers. I made an even amount of black and white pom poms and green, teal, orange, black, purple and white pom poms.

I measured the area where I wanted my banner to hang and then draped enough orange yarn to fit the space. I divided the length of my yarn by the amount of pom poms I made and for my banner glued alternating pom poms every 17″s.

Once my glue was dry all that was left to do was hang my banner! I love the way it looks and ties in all my favorite Halloween colors. I’m thinking I might make more to put in Halloween party goodie bags for babies. I know my kids spent a good part of the afternoon tossing, stirring, sweeping and gathering my pom poms.

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***I was compensated & given free supplies by I Love to Create. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

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