How to Screen Print on Vinyl Records

Sure it costs a few hundred bucks, ya it’s big and like most new craft ventures there are lots of accruements that you need to make it all work -BUT…. The YuDu is worth it. The YuDu makes what was once a somewhat tedious, messy and time consuming process happen in a very clean jiff. I would still one day like to know the fundamentals of screen-printing and how to burn screens the old school way, but at this exact moment with a 7 month old baby which only allots me so many hours a day to craft – mama’s gotta take a few short cuts.

The lovely Rachel Hobson guided my first attempt at the YuDu. Rachel is a much more experienced screener (old school and YuDu) and graciously offered to give me a lesson. I like to refer to her as my YuDu Guru. My solo attempts at the YuDu did not turn out so hot so I in turn got turned off. That is until this past week when the YuDu light went on in my head. The stars were aligned with Tallulah napping, Chris going out of town leaving me to my own crafty devices and I had a big stack of records left over from my Musical Mustache Masks project just begging to be up-cycled.

You heard me right the YuDu not only works on the typical tote bag and T-shirt I used it to screen records all weekend long. As matter of fact I screened so many records I am breaking my YuDu report into two blog posts. Today we are taking plain old vinyl records to an all new wearable level.

First things first if you don’t know how to make a bracelet out of a vinyl record I have this handy dandy video of me making some on Stylelicious. They are super easy. Once you watch the video and know how to make the bracelets scroll on down for instructions on how to use your YuDu to customize the baubles.

YuDu & YuDu Goodies
Vinyl Records
Craft Knife
Beer Bottle

I was planning on making record bracelets for my booth at Austin City Limits so I burned a screen to adorn them. Each record makes 4 bracelets. Using Photoshop I laid out 4 designs to print on my transparency that I measured to fit on a 12″ record.

Next I burned my screen. A few tips – first, don’t get the screen too wet. Second, the YuDu has a built in fan/drying rack. The instructions say it takes a lot less time to dry than it really does. If the sticky back does not peel off your emulsion sheet easily then the screen is still too wet to burn. Once your screen is dry you tape your transparency to the glass on the YuDu, put your emulsionafied screen on the glass, program the timer (I like 6.5 minutes) and hit the burn button. When the timer goes off rinse your screen well and put it back in the YuDu fan to dry.

Once my screen was burned I was ready to add the ink. The YuDu comes with a sticky placket to hold your item in place so I laid my record down making sure it was lining up with the designs on my screen. I decided to use yellow, orange and pink ink at the same time. Using my squeegee I ran the ink down the YuDu and then back up. The YuDu does not recommend screening more than 10ish items at a time before washing the screen. Just like traditional silk screening you need to keep ink or water moving through the screen at all times or you will ruin your screen.

Once my ink was dry I converted my records into bracelets.

I could have stopped here, but why? I had a screen left over from the YuDu booth at the Handmade Nation event and a new journal with an ugly cover begging for a revamp. I screened another record with the crafty image, measured out my journal and scored the lines on the record, heated in a 200-degree oven, cut and glued. That’s it, my new crafty journal was born!

Love to hear what you think about the YuDu? Do you have one? Do you want one? Are you sticking to your roots and boycotting the YuDu and making your own screens?

Remember it’s silk screening week here at Naughty Secretary Club. I have two more YuDu projects tomorrow, a DIY silk screening project on Thursday and a wrap up of the Handmade Nation Austin event on Friday complete with give away! *Please note that I was given a Yudu for free by the company*

16 Responses to “How to Screen Print on Vinyl Records”

  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Bree glad you liked the post. I was curious what I could screen with the YuDu besides textiles and happen to have a stack of records handy. Crafty serendipity. Plus as I always say if it will sit still long enough I will find a way to make it into jewelry, YuDu included.

  2. Dawn Anderson

    Great, inspiring post Jennifer. I'm where you were – bought the Yudu with 2 other friends to off set the cost and we just had our first session which didn't go well. I've been a bit hesitant to get back to it – but I will!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Sharing the YuDu to help with the cost is an awesome idea! I feel ya on the getting discouraged. It was my 3rd time with it before it all started to click. After ruining several emulsion sheets becuase I either forgot to take the plastic backing off or didn't let it dry long enough I was frustrated. Once I figured out that it needs to dry a lot longer than the 10 minutes the built in fan

  4. AverageJaneCrafter

    RAD! I love the idea of screening on vinyl records, and I totally remember that episode of Stylelicious. That "watch" cuff is freaking awesome! And a record cover journal? Get OUT! Love it!

    Yep – it does take some trial and error, but once you get in to the groove, it all runs pretty smoothly.

    Loving seeing what you're screening while sweet T naps. 😉

  5. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    So glad you like everything Rachel. Thank you again for the lesson and support calls. YuDu should pay you. Glad you like the watch bracelet, tune in tomorrow to see it come up again. The numbers are the face of an old clock of my grandmother's that I scanned in. The Craft Out Loud thing is the logo for Vickie and I's raft consulting company and then well you can guess about the rest.

  6. GreenLightGo

    Awesome post! I've been wanting to try screen printing with the YuDu, and asked a friend who screen prints for a living about it- they of coarse said H to the N~ but your tute and post gave me inspiration to give it a try- especially when I can use a 40% off coupon! Plus, I have LOTS of records- WALLS of them, and I'm so glad to see other ways of creating heated records other than record

  7. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    GreenLightGo – you can only make so many record bowls. Tune in tomorrow for another record craft. My friend Margot suggested I write a book on music crafts and I'm seriously considering pitching it.

    As for your screen printing friends… most of the screeners that I have talked to poo-pooed the YuDu too. I'm sure for one they are worried about it taking business from them

  8. Bean Most

    If you buy photo emulsion in a little quart container you also need a screen coater tool. You cover the screen with the emulsion in the coater and then let it dry. Put your black image on top of the screen with a piece of heavy glass on top. Expose it to the sun. Its trial and error


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