Wrapagami – Book Review & Contest!

How can you not like a book called Wrapagami? I mean the name alone makes me happy and intrigued. Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps by Jennifer Payford is the perfect book for those of us that don’t want to show up at a birthday party with the exact same gift bag that 15 other Target shoppers scored. Plus these gift wrap options are reusable AKA Earth-friendly. Did I mention that I am giving away a free copy of the book?

Let me start by saying that my love of Origami goes back a long way. Now I will confess I don’t fold a lot of paper these days and I don’t remember much beyond how to make a Cootie Catcher, but I do have a soft spot for it. Way back when I was a kid I went to something called Super Summer Camp and in-between Sign Language and Paper Making class was origami. Ever after I was always intrigued. When a copy of Wrapagami arrived on more door step and I realized the concept was basically wrapping presents in an origami style manner with fabric I was instantly planning how I was going to wow my next gift receipt.

The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw Wrapagami was one of my favorite vendors at the City Wide Garage Sale here in Austin. He has a huge table full of vintage scarves for a buck a piece. I always look at them longingly, but then remind myself that I have a closet full of scarves that I rarely use. Now I have the perfect excuse to dive in, Christmas is after all on the horizon and there will be gifts to wrap. My favorite project in the book under the heading of Repurposed Wraps was the gift wrapped in a long sleeve red and white polka dotted blouse! Mega cute. If the shirt fit the gift receipt it would be like a two for one special. There are so many fun patterned shirts from the 70’s at the thrift store just begging to wrap a present.

Another added bonus of Wrapagami is it works well for awkward items like bottles of wine, bowling balls and cakes. How many times have you just resorted to a boring old bag because your gift was an odd shape and the thought if trying to wrap it sounded like more trouble than it was worth? Those days are long gone with the right size piece of fabric, easy to follow instructions and a few twists and folds.

So hit the fabric store, thrift store or sewing scraps pile next time you are headed to a party. Also if you want some ready to fold fantabulous fabric options be sure to check out author Jennifer Playfords website and line of Furochic Wraps. All you need now is the complete folding instructions and lucky you we have a copy of Wrapagami to give away to one lucky winner! Leave me a wrapping paper related comment and one week from today we will pick a winner. Do you collect vintage wrapping paper? Do you hand silk screen your paper? Do you know a trick to make the best gift bows ever? Lemme know!

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  1. Michelle (mla1111)

    This book looks so awesome, I love the idea of wrappnig gifts in fabric…very cool. I dont have any great wrapping tricks or techniques….but when I was younger I used to wrap my gifts in the Sunday newspaper color comics. 🙂

  2. Mandi

    I love that this book has so many options in it! Perfect for handmade gifts, too. I love eco wrapping and have made some great gift bags out of envelopes 🙂

  3. Kate

    Fabulous book idea!

    One of my favorite wrapping ideas is to use thrift store finds to create "Matryoshka" gifts: the present (usually handmade jewelry made with "reincarnated' thrift pieces) inside a little bag inside a funky box inside a purse inside a vase, etc. 4-5 gifts in one, and always under $10!

  4. Jen

    I love using different methods to wrap gifts. I have a large paper collection and also love origami. I used to make my own boxes and envelopes for gifts. One of my fav is jewelry boxes out of old greeting cards. I also really love this book— All Wrapped Up!: Groovy Gift Wrap of the 1960s. I'll admit I have scanned many images from here and used them to make custom cards for friends.

  5. Cindy

    While I love the idea of origami I'm not that good at it. My Sister however is good at almost everything crafty. She makes her own gift tags out of folded paper, among the many other things she makes with it.

  6. Melisa Taylor

    I'm so bad at wrapping presents, I usually tell people "my dog helped me" or I just buy the gift bags. No matter how hard I try, it always looks like a kid wrapped it!

  7. kangashop

    I adore wrapping presents, so much that I have worked at Williams Sonoma for 2 Christmases as a gift wrapper just for fun.

    The local packaging store had one of these classes last year that I couldn't attend, I am so hoping they do it again!

  8. stacy

    I love to wrap presents, but this is so much cooler than paper! My daughter has a party to go to in 2 weeks – this would be perfect!

  9. Martha

    I HATE to wrap presents with gift wrapping paper, but Wrapagami appeals to me because (a) I can use up all those odd pieces of fabric from beloved projects, (b) it's unique, and (c) it's green. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

  10. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    These are all great ideas!

    Arabella I love the fat quarters idea. I just bought a bag of vintage quilting squares yesterday at the thrift store that would make great gift wrap. The idea that the wrapping is also a gift is awesome.

    Jen the fact that you iron tissue paper makes me giggle, but I could totally see myself doing it. I love the idea about having your kids color

  11. aorecord

    I don't think this idea was too creative, but it recycles and looks great. For this past Valentine, I wrapped my gift in Urban Outfitter's Summer Catalogue and taped it using DYMO LetraTag with little messages like "I <3 <3 U" "Hugss" etc. For most of the time, I take sturdy shopping bags such as Victoria's Secret and doodle all over it w/a sharpie.

  12. tamolie

    I have to say, I'm firmly in the "love to wrap" camp. I think it might just be my fav part of the gift giving process! I love to use cute dish towels to wrap with, they're usually just about the right size and the person opening the present is usually more exited about the wrapping than what is ultimately inside!

  13. ke123h

    this is the best idea EVER! Unique, fun and reusable – so that makes it a GREEN idea as well! Thanks so much for offering this…

  14. Tracey

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this concept… something I never would've thought of before, but TOTALLY a good excuse to buy all the yummy fabric I've been wanting (can't sew, hard to justify fabric purchases lol) — it's now GIFT WRAP — how truly inspired!

  15. Andrea M.

    Awesome idea! I love this! I love vintage wrapping paper, and I have a very small stash. I would love more, but it is so darn expensive on ebay! However, I have a large fabric stash, so this book would come in handy.

  16. YarnFetish

    There is just something about basic brown craft paper and beautiful ribbon. The paper is so inexpensive that you can splurge on the ribbon. You always end up with a amazing, classically wrapped package. I love it! This book looks amazing!

  17. Angela

    This is awesome love it – ooooo will have to get a copy of this book too cute. Have just stumbled across your blog & Im addicted

  18. craftyfox

    I used to work for Paperchase (a stationery shop) and because of that I now have a posting tube full of single sheets of wrapping paper. I always used to buy them as I thought one day I'll use them but some of them are just too pretty to cut up!!

  19. java diva

    What a brilliant idea!! I LOVE this! I love fabric as much as paper, but I feel this is even more eco-friendly. I'd be too happy to receive a gift wrapped in fabric!!

  20. Kimberly S.

    This book looks so neat! I love the idea of wrapping gifts in fabric…very cool. I dont have any great wrapping tricks or techniques….but when I am a big fan of reusing wrapping paper scraps for other gifts.

  21. Aimey Collier

    I like to get plain white wrapping paper from the dollar store and let the kids color on it. This sounds like a much more sophisticated gift wrap solution!

  22. apalone

    I think with this book, even my husband can wrap gifts! ;o) I have serious issues with wrapping with paper and love this idea of using fabric to wrap. Lately I've been using reusable shopping bags to gift in. They work for all occasions and they get two gifts in one.

    Love the blog! Angela

  23. Pretty Things

    That is total complete awesomeness.

    My favorite wrapping paper story is watching my older stepsons wrap their dad's present in newspaper and duct tape. They totally did it on purpose, not because there wasn't a gazillion rolls of expensive wrapping paper in the house! And of course, their dad loved it!


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