DIY Felted Wool Bead Garland P.S. It’s Super Easy to Make

Making felted wool beads is surprisingly easy.  Like so easy I’ll never buy them again just make them myself.  They look great on wreaths, door hangers and in this case Christmas garlands.  String them with a few yarn pompoms and you have yourself the perfect banner for displaying holiday cards and kid’s Christmas art.

DIY felted wool ball garland by Jennifer Perkins

All you need to make your own felted wool beads is wool, dish soap and warm water.  From there the rest is just rolling and agitating the wool in your hands.  I will say that I also tried a jumbo method stuffing large balls of roving into hose and running them through the washer and dryer that had cool results.  Not just wool roving, 100% wool yarn can be used too wth cool results.  Don’t believe me?  Just check out this video.

On this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins I give you all the details about making your own DIY wool beads.  I even show you the cool jumbo ones I made with panty hose.  Not just a garland I also made a spiffy little door hanger and push pins.

DIY Felted Bead Door Hanger by Jennifer Perkins

See, just as cute on a door hanger as they are on a garland and like I said E-A-S-Y as pie to make.  I love the color possibilities of them too.  Just like you can make multi-colored pompoms you can make multi-colored felted beads.  In the video I show a couple of different felted beads I made by combing different colors of roving before felting.

How to make a felted wool ball garland by Jennifer Perkins

Have you ever tried felting?  What did you make and what did you use?  Did you catch the part in my live video where someone mentions using pet hair.  Color me intrigued about this idea, though my cats are short hair so I’m not sure it would work.  Plus I kinda have mixed feelings about it.  But anyway, I digress…hope you love the garland and try wool felting yourself.

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