Freezer Storage & Party Leftovers

Oh CSN how I love thee and all your 200+ fabulous stores. Whether you are looking for cute kids back packs, the perfect dining room table or in my case BPA free freezer storage they are you one stop shop. You will heart them soon too because they are hooking you up with some luggage for left overs. Read on to find out more!

No matter how many hungry people you have at a party, there are bound to be left overs. In October I threw two parties and they were no exception. Sure we have been snacking on the hummus, having pumpkin bread for breakfast and took a ton of cheese balls to another party – but, there was still left overs. Fearing things would go bad before we could eat them I started a baking and deep freezing frenzy. If you have left overs at your next party, here are a few ideas about how to recycle them.

Veggie trays are yummy, but they always tend to leave left overs. After my baby shower I made a giant batch of broccoli cheese soup with the left overs. This year I had some of the same left overs so I tried my hand at baking and made a batch of broccoli cheese corn bread muffins.

One of my favorite parts of a baby shower is the sherbet punch! As much as I love the punch I don’t want to drink it for days straight when there are buckets of it left over. What is a crafty girl to do? The first thing I did was marinate some pork chops, they were interesting to say the least. The better choice was making a batch of cupcakes. I substituted the water the pineapple supreme cake mix called for with punch and added some strawberries that were left over from one of the parties. Delish.

For some reason there was a mother load of carrots left over. I also had half a can of pumpkin pie mix left from my cream cheese gingersnap dip. I decided to join forces, throw in some raisins and make some Pumpkin, Carrot and Raisin Bread. Breads freeze so well we will be eating these loaves (and muffins) all fall long.

Once I made all these goodies I started pontificating about the best ways to store everything: wrapped in foil, bound in butcher paper, sealed tight in tupperware. So many choices. The one thing I have been doing since I had Tallulah was getting rid of my old food storage containers and replacing them with BPA free options. My current fave option are Frieling Clip and Close Rectangular Containers. The containers are glass and have a lid that seals nice and tight. With baby number two coming this spring I’m gonna get casserole crazy again this winter. Last time around we doubled most of our favorite recipes and ate one meal and filled the deep freeze with the other portion. That way when we were sleep deprived and hungry we did not have to order take out or eat Ramen Noodle.

So would you like to win your own set of 5 Frieling Clip and Close Rectangular Containers? Sure you would, everyone has leftovers at some point! You have a week to leave me a comment letting me know something about freezer storage. I’m on a quest to know everything. What is your favorite storage method? Do you have a casserole recipe that you love to make and freeze? Do you pour you left over wine into ice cube trays for later use in soups and sauces?

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  1. Kristy

    When my son was a baby, I would make my own baby food. I would make a lot and put it into ice cube trays and freeze it. After frozen, I then would empty the cubed food into a freezer bag and use the cubes through out the week. Another great thing about these cubes is that I could sneak the different veggies into food for the rest of the family. Like butternut squash into mac and cheese.

  2. Baby.Got.Craft

    When bell peppers (ALL colors) go on a great sale, I cut them up with onions, and freeze in quart-size storage. They are handy to throw in to pastas, chili, or grill up for fajitas. Yum.

  3. Stephanie

    I do alot of the things already listed…
    And also in the spring & summer when the herb garden is going nuts I make different herb combos & pestos, then freeze those in ice cube trays so I can have that fresh herb flavor all fall & winter.
    Oh, and I like to buy an extra turkey or ham when the prices are so great this time of year. I fix it up just to make lunch meat &

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    I love it I am learning so much! I totally made Tallulah's baby food when she was younger, the sneaking in of the veggies is pretty genius. It would be make me feel less guilty about mashed potatoes from a bag for sure.

    I also like your pesto idea Stephanie.

    Glad you like the creepy elf, he holds coffee filters. I have several around my kitchen.

  5. Kelly Massman

    I love to buy artisan bread which is on sale and freeze it. When you heat it in the oven, it tastes good as new! Yum! Thanks for a chance to win!
    kmassman at gmail dot com

  6. ozlynda

    Apart from all those above and the obvious left over meals, I also like to squeeze my lemons and freeze the juice in ice cubes. Perfect size for when you have fish or pop one in a hot tea.
    Also sometimes when using tomato paste you have half a tub left over. You can freeze that into cubes as well for casseroles etc.

  7. Sunny C.

    I buy sale meats and produce, and I rewrap them, lable them, I always note the date purchased, and freeze for latter use. I am able to save so much money by doing this ! It really does add up quickly. If there is a day old bread place close by, you can also easily freeze bread for latter use. Thank-You so much for your blog it is my Favorite!!! 🙂

  8. party store

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  9. Laurel

    My freezer storage is terrible. This would be super useful. The only thing that's vaguely organized is the stash of frozen breastmilk, organized by date and amount per bag, and then stuck in small cardboard boxes.

  10. Keely

    I love the vacuum storage systems. I can buy family packs of chicken and divide them up to save some money. Also great when I find things like pine nuts on sale. I just repackage them into 3 oz bags. My Dad taught us to save all of the "meat juice" (for example, the juice from when you bake a ham – cool & remove the fat first) and freeze them in ice cubes tray. A great way to

  11. Jenny D

    These containers are so great! I like that you can pack something like soup in them and take to work and never have to worry that it will leak. The seals are awesome!

  12. Gnome G

    We also are trying to swap out old freezer storage items for BPA-free (and glass!!) numbers. We had been using the Ziplocs with the vacuum seal feature. Meh.

  13. Mountain Woman

    Living in the Catskills we frequently lose power, so I try to keep a variety of pre-cooked as well as raw frozen stuff. I'm also a work-aholic so having home made frozen foods really helps out. I used to freeze in plastic containers but they were hard to fit into spaces, containers cracked from being frozen or popped their lids, and there was always a layer of frost. So I figured it out.<

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