WIN IT! Elastic by the Yard Headband Kit

Today’s give away is a double whammy brought to you by Elastic by the Yard. Anyone with a daughter, niece or grand daughter has seen a little girl in a flower headband and gotten that “OMG is that cute” pang in their heart. Today 4 lucky people have a chance to make one of those adorable headbands! Elastic by the Yard is giving away 40 yards of skinny elastic, 10 yards to 4 people. Add your own flowers or check out all the cute options Elastic by the Yard has to offer.

I said today was a double whammy and that is because Elastic by the Yard was also kind enough to supply us with a quick tutorial on how to make your own headband.

Looks pretty easy to me! I can’t wait to make my own for Tallulah with the colorful skinny elastic and pretty flowers they sent over. Wanna make your own? All you have to do is leave a comment before next Wednesday and you could be one of the 4 to get your hot little hands on 10 yards of skinny elastic.

17 Responses to “WIN IT! Elastic by the Yard Headband Kit”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks — I am actually not normally a fan of the baby headbands, mostly because they can be so giant and overwhelming (and they look uncomfortable). But these are so sweet and simple, I might give it a try!

  2. Rachael

    Such a great idea!! For me, this is perfect for the holidays and I cannot wait to give it a craftin' go! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. 🙂

  3. ozlynda

    That is just too sweet.

    I have several nieces who would look adorable in those headbands.

    Thanks for organising a wonderful give away.

  4. Cindy Cooksey

    My little granddaughter, Samantha Hazel, would look adorable wearing one of those headbands. She is 5 1/2 months old and her hair is falling out – I'll bet the headbands would distract people so they wouldn't notice. 😉

  5. Paula I

    They are so cute. My neice just had her little 6 lb girl and was asking me if I knew how to make these…thanks to the tutorial I now do! Winning some skinny elastic would be fantasic! Thanks Jen.

  6. hybridhopes

    Those are cute, but do they stay put? and not fall down and choke the little one?
    I'm kind of a rookie when it comes to babies. Which is going to be interesting as the one in my uterus is coming out in February!
    If they're safe, I'd totally make a bunch for my bun, and others!

  7. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Thanks everybody for entering. I have emailed the 4 winners! I can't wait to make my own headband for Tallulah.

    I agree sometimes these headbands can get so big. For me I like a big headband, but on a little bitty baby that can be a bit much.

    As for chocking hazards, that is a good point. I typically only let Tallulah wear headbands or barrettes when I am going to


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