WIN IT!!! Alotta Lotta – Handmade Living & Open Studio

That Lotta Jansdotter is a prolific lady. I have not one, but two of her books to give away today. You might recall I have chatted about her before here on the blog. There was her kids book Simple Sewing for Baby chocked full of cuteness. I also did glass etching with the stencils from her Printing Studio. So Mrs. Jansdotter is no stranger around these parts.

I was excited to flip through both of her books. Open Studios with Lotta Jansdotter: Twenty-Four Artists’ Spacesis her most recent book. The book gives a sneak peak into the studios and often times homes of several artists/crafters studios in Brooklyn, Stockholm and Tokyo. Think if a crafter hijacked The Selby and you get the drift. I loved the sneak peaks at the artists supplies, inspiration boards and works in progress. Facing a bit of crafters block? You won’t after flipping through this book.

The second book is Lotta Jansdotter’s Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandinavian Style. I love the look of things from Ikea, I just wish everyone and their dog didn’t already have it at their house. Make the Scandinavian look yourself with someone who knows it because they lived it, Lotta Jansdotter. The book is broken into 3 sections At Home, Entertaining and At Work. There are crafts to make, recipes to cook and fabulous organizational tools to create. Something for everyone.

Leave me a comment and you could win one of the two books. Feel free to say which book you prefer. I’d love to hear about what you love about Scandinavian style, why you like to snoop around artists studios or about how Nordic Black Death Metal is your jam. Check back next Monday for another contest, remember we are giving away a book every Monday in May.

14 Responses to “WIN IT!!! Alotta Lotta – Handmade Living & Open Studio”

  1. Stephanie

    Ooh LOVE! I love Scan. style, especially the fabric prints & the cool modern feel of things. I also love that there is uaually very innovative ideas for using small spaces! <3

  2. Sandy

    Oh – I NEED Open Studios! I'm decorating my first one right now… and I need the inspiration! Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. Anonymous

    I love this woman and everything she does so either would be great.

  4. Ms. Salisbury

    I love this woman! She is wonderfully talented and amazing! Would love to own one of her books for my art class to share with my students!!! Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  5. Hippie Missy

    I honestly don't know which book I like better…my craft room is constantly a work in progress maybe Open Studios could help me?

  6. vntgkitten

    I would love, love, love the Open Studio's book. My fiance and I recently moved into a house in which I'm fortunate enough to have my own craft room. Even before that I devoured every book and magazine I could find that showed people's crafty spaces.

  7. incredible Mr. Limpit

    I swear I think I am part Scandinavian, based on the fact that all my free time is spent in either that beautiful blue and yellow furniture heaven or the craft store. The ancestry report has not come back yet though so fingers crossed.

  8. Jennifer Peterson

    I remember finding a book about Lotta written from Japan and buying the last copy about 10ish years ago. Some of it was written in English, but I didn't care because I was only in it for the pictures 🙂 I relish Scandinavian design as a whole, particularly furniture. It's form supporting function succinctly and elegantly. Open Spaces appeals to me because I am obsessed with the

  9. Andrea

    Both books look great. But as someone prepping current house for the market in hopes of purchasing a more artsy space…the Open Studios book would provide much needed inspiration and motivation. Lotta Love.

  10. Logan

    As a Brooklyn crafter (knitting, embroidery, quilting) I would love to see how Real Artists cram their creativity into the teeny tiny boxes we call homes! And, of course, what miracles they turn out of them.

    I actually just surfed over here to your blog, and I'm looking forward to exploring more!

  11. Deborah

    BOTH books sound terrific – I'd be HAPPY with either one, so if my co-winner (thinking POSITIVELY!), has a preference, give her/him first choice & I'll take the other one!

    Thanks SO much for this giveaway!

  12. jen @ hell razor

    I have Lotta's printmaking book and I love it.
    These both look like incredible books, I'd love to win either of them!

    p.s. I do love Nordic Black Death Metal, btw. For reals. 🙂


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