Win $100 Worth of Jewelry Playing Outfit Party!

I have spent the entirely too much time playing on Polyvore today. Have you joined yet? You need too! Not only did I join, I started a Naughty Secretary Club group. I have blogged before about Polyvore and mentioned that it is like playing online outfit party. They have tons of clothing and accessories to choose from to make your own images just like these. PLUS you can install a clipper on your computer so that you can import images from other shopping sites and add them to your outfits, like say some Naughty Secretary Club Jewelry.

I am so excited to see what kinds of outfits people put together using Naughty Secretary Club jewelry I decided to run a contest about it! All you have to do is sign up for Polyvore and join the Naughty Secretary Club group. From there put together some outfits using Naughty Secretary Club or Hot Pink Pistol and add them to the group. We will pick our top 5 favorite outfits and not only post them here on the blog but we will also give you some awesome-o prizes!

FIRST PLACE – $ 100 worth of Naughty Secretary Club Jewelry
SECOND PLACE – 50 worth of Naughty Secretary Club Jewelry
THIRD PLACE – $25 worth of Naughty Secretary Club Jewelry
FOURTH PLACE – Naughty Secretary Club T-shirt
FIFTH PLACE – Copy of Bead Simple by Susan Beal

Remember in order to win your set has to include at least one piece of Naughty Secretary Club or Hot Pink Pistol. Good luck and be sure to keep checking the group to see what kinds of fun outfits people are putting together.

13 Responses to “Win $100 Worth of Jewelry Playing Outfit Party!”

  1. Carrie

    Polyvore! I have been trying and trying to remember the name of that site after I changed/rearranged my bookmarks and couldn’t find it anymore. Now I know where it’s at again! Must go play..

  2. Average Jane Crafter

    OK, that is just way to fun, and too dang addictive. I’ve posted a set, but I am prohibiting myself from spending more time on the site until I get some work done. 🙂

  3. Jules

    Whoa, I never knew this site existed!! Super excited to have a new widget to play with while I’m putting off grading papers…

  4. Lisa411

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  5. kitschyum

    oooh where can I find the red Monchichi (or Kiki) dress?! I love this little monkey…

    I love your Kitsch jewelry too^^



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