Your New Favorite Woven DIY Wall Decor – A Wicker Plate Craft

Never ended up needing those paper plate holders this summer?  No worries, I’ve got a cute wicker plate craft for you instead.  Plus unlike plain wicker plate chargers that just end up using valuable kitchen storage space these cuties are nothing but adorable as DIY bohemian wall decor.  

Woven wicker plate chargers on a wall by Jennifer Perkins

What once was meant to hold your hot dog steady is now a stylish wicker plate craft.  PLUS if you can thread a needle you can make this easy boho style wall hanging.  No tricky stitches, knots or fancy yarn moves here.  You know how I love me an easy craft.

DIY This With Jennifer Perkins Video of How to Weave on Wicker Plates.

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins where I made some wicker plate crafts live on Facebook.  Get the basics about warps and weaves, learn about other options like basket lids and even a variation for kids.

Pink yarn stitches on a wicker plate charger.

Wicker Plate Craft #1 – Stitch Directly Onto the Charger

All wicker plate chargers are not created equally.  For this DIY boho woven wall decor you want cheap dollar store wicker plates.  The looser the weave of the wicker the better.  This makes it easier to stitch on.

Using a large eyed needle and yarn stitch random patterns.  The chunkier the yarn the faster your DIY eclectic wall decor will be born!

DIY bohemian style wicker wall hangings with yarn weavings.

A collection of colorful woven baskets can be expensive.  I like to supplement by making some of my own DIY versions.  Mix these cute woven wicker plates in with some Boho Coiled Rope Bowls and you could get your walls looking trendy in no time.  Oh and you know you want to make your own DIY Mid-Century Plant Stand.

Boho wicker wall hanging with yarn stitches and air plant by Jennifer Perkins

Wicker Plate Craft #2 – Put an Air Plant on It

Usually I saw put a pompom on it (which you can totally do) but today I am suggesting putting an air plant on it instead.  Better yet, use a faux air plant that will never die.  I don’t care what they say those expensive little plants are high maintenance and need more than air to survive.

Love the look of weavings and you are a total plant lady?  Pop over to DIY Network to check out my Hanging Woven Planter Project.

Woven round wicker plate holders.

Wicker Plate Craft #3 – Create a Warp and a Weft for Weaving

Traditionally you have two parts to your weaving projects – a warp and a weft.  The warp goes up and down and the is the part you weave on.  In the case of these wicker plate weavings the warp goes from the center out to the edges.  In the same way that you usually weave the yarn goes over and under from the center out creating a pattern.

Now that you have the hang of weaving on wicker plates, try weaving on wicker baskets.  Check out One Dollar Spot Basket Three Different Clever DIY Ways.

Wicker plate chargers woven with chunky yarn.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t spill any mustard or ketchup on these wicker chargers by actually using them to hold paper plates this summer?  I know I am.  They look so much cuter as bohemian wall decor.  Now I keep trying to think of other creative wicker plate crafts.  Got any ideas?  Does a DIY room divider sound too ambitious?

Wall weaving for wicker plate craft ideas.

My other serious question is does anyone actually use these wicker chargers to hold their paper plates?








14 Responses to “Your New Favorite Woven DIY Wall Decor – A Wicker Plate Craft”

  1. Liberty

    Hi! No, I don’t use those paper plate holders. I just buy the sturdier dixie brand! I like using paper plates for easy decor…. the really pretty ones like from Hobby Lobby.

  2. Jan Fieldhouse

    Hi, I love your ideas! But, I live in England & it states that these crafts are not available in my country!
    Can you please email the instructions to me separately?
    I would appreciate it very much!
    Thank you,
    from the UK!

  3. Lynsie

    What a wonderful idea! My parents have these wicker holders and actually use them. they have had the same set for over 30 years. I will have to pick up some and do this craft with my 5 year old son. Now…that house picture frame…please tell me where I can get one.


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