While She Naps Podcast


Have you ever wanted to know the gory details of my entire DIY life?  From zine publisher in High School,  naughty secretary after college, music blogger, jewelry designer, TV host, book author, magazine editor to Christmas tree decorator.  I’ve had a lot of twists and turns, but I’ve tried to leave my kitschy colorful mark on all of it.  I had the privilege to sit down with Abby Glassenberg and ramble on about myself for the While She Naps podcast.  Take a listen and let me know if there something I left out.

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  1. Lisa Winer

    Hi Jennifer! Very much enjoyed your lively interview on Abby’s podcast, which led me to your website. Your artistic style is out there in the best possible way. Also wanted to mention that it appears that your link to the Huntress Gatherer site on Etsy is broken.



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