Where to find Naughty Secretary Club jewelry.

This week has been about the wholesale orders for me it seems.

RED ENVY BOUTIQUE – this is a new store for me in Columbus, Ohio. If you are in that neck of the woods stop by the store and check out their new selection of Naughty Secretary Club goodies.

PARTS AND LABOUR – An Austin staple, I rent a shelf here, it’s big and orange and right by the cash register. I went by the store this week and fluffed my shelf a bit as well as dropped off a bunch of new baubles. A lot of times Parts and Labour is where you are going to find one of a kind items that never make it to my website. Oh and I promise to bring more Scrabble bracelets there soon.

FLIPNOTICS – I love making jewelry for Flipnotics. Right off Barton Springs in Austin, TX they are one of those cool stores that lets me make a big batch of one of a kind stuff and then they pick through the baubles and take what they want. I just took them a big load of stuff on Tuesday so get there while the getting’s good.

BETTY’S DIVINE – Right in the heart of Missoula, MT this woman cleans me out of hair clips. Another store that lets me do whatever I please in that department so they end up getting some of my cutest clips if your asking me. Fer sure ones that never make it to Naughty Secretary Club.

In other exciting news the dude who has been programming my website for me is ALMOST DONE! Get ready for Naughty Secretary Club V5. This baby has a search engine, new fancy OS Commerce shopping cart which means in theory I will never oversell stuff again, a pictorial guide to matching goodies and more. Oh this is exciting stuff.

$10 SALE!!! To celebrate and really to clean house for the new site I am having another sale. I know I just ended the 15% off sale yesterday, but in Nouveau Necklaces, Nouveau Bracelets and Nouveau Earrings majority of the goodies (unless they are brand spanking new) are only $10 and that is shipping included. Like whoa cheap.

Oh and if you live in Austin I best be seeing you at Gallery Lombardi tonight for the Stitch thank you party hosted by Carlo Rossi. 8-12.

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