What’s a Pirates Favorite Letter?

What’s a pirates favorite letter? To figure out the answer to my bad joke you have to watch the No Sew Boys Costumes Webisode on HGTV. That’s right all the episodes I filmed in August are online as I type. I have not watched them yet, just got far enough to see myself in an eye patch and I hit the pause button. I have to ease myself into watching these things. If you are looking for fun costumes, party ideas, pumpkin carving techniques and more you should take a sneakie peakie. There may not be new episodes of Craft Lab, but at least this fall we have Halloween websidoes. Lemme know whatcha think and if any of the ideas sound like something you might try!

9 Responses to “What’s a Pirates Favorite Letter?”

  1. Brooke S. Rochon

    I love all your ideas, but was wondering if you had any suggestions for me before I try creating a haunted house from an old wooden office letter organizer. I have some very cool scrapbook papers, some plastic spider and stuff to make webs, other than that, I fear it will look boring. Any funky ideas?

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Brooke that sounds like a cute project! I’d have to see the organizer to make any real suggestions, but I’d look into model making. Wood cuts, polymer clay. Fun shapes you can attach to give the box dimension and then paint the whole thing one solid color to make it look like one piece. love to see pictures when you are done!

  3. annie

    “swoop, swoop, swoop, and swoop”- so cute, clever, and easy! i love the demos. i think all the costumes would work great for girls too!


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