What Lily Loves

I’m so excited my friend Jeff just called me from London to tell me he has scored me two new dresses by Lily Allen. She designed a line (What Lily Loves) for a UK store called New Look that we don’t have here in the states. I had seen pictures of her frilly dresses popping up on fashion blogs across the internet and fell in LOVE! After the whole “I am Not a Plastic Bag” sell out I was afraid that if I did not get the dresses I wanted today when the line was released I never would. Interestingly Jeff called from the New Look store and said that no one was there and there were plenty of dresses. There was a fire at the main New Look store in Oxford Circus I think so maybe people were confused about where to go? Maybe I am the only person who likes her new dresses? There are a myriad of possibilities. All I know is that I got my dresses, now lets just pray that they fit me. I still have not worn the leopard skin hat I had Jeff bring me this spring from Top Shop, I need to get on that. Oh that reminds me you can buy Top Shop online now!

In other news did you hear that Patricia Fields is designing a line of shoes for Payless? I swear I heard that rumor.

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