Wearing Your Art Work

Hand painted jewelry by Jennifer Perkins.

Remember when I made jewelry full time?  Back when I was Naughty Secretary Club.  Well I’ve been hearing the siren call of beads again lately.  My latest designs are a combination of my first love jewelry and my new love making art work. Plus, you can wear your art work! There is a whole lot of vintage kitsch and craft thrown in for good measure too.


I used to say that I made jewelry because I could not find anything out there as obnoxious as what I wanted to wear, same holds true a lot of times for my art.  I paint the things that I love and what I would want to wear and hang on my walls.  Is it obvious I have fauvist, outsider art, Basquiat style leanings?  I always say when buying art that my favorites are the pieces that you can’t tell if an artistic genius, a child or an escaped mental patient painted it.


I’m loving painting these little faces.  I’ve been using acrylic paint, markers, gel pens and more.  They are all covered in a shiny protective top coat.  I’m even thinking of dipping my toe into the world of polymer clay and making my own matching beads.  Cruising Craig’s List looking for a toaster as we speak.

green necklace

This series reminds me of shrunken heads.  Apparently my friends like shrunken head jewelry too since I’ve been giving these away almost as fast as I can make them.  Don’t worry there are still a few (and new ones coming) in my Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy Store.


So what are your thoughts on art you wear?  Do you prefer to hang it on your wall and not on your neck?  Are you like me and say the more art the merrier?  Love to hear your thoughts.  Oh and by the way did I mention I’ve started a Tumblr blog where you can see all of my artsy and crafty endeavors. Oh and I made a Facebook Live video with even more details!

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  1. Marci Ellsworth

    Looking good! Both the art and you 🙂 I noticed your collection of glass in the photo with you-I love it. Is it vintage 60s? I seem to remember similar pieces in my aunt’s houses. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful work!


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