We Wish You a Kitschy Christmas

With Christmas just a week away, I think I have finally done all the decorating I am going to do. Thought I would share some of my kitschy Christmas with you.


I swear I change these bookshelves almost as much as I do dirty diapers.  I love to decorate them seasonally.  Did you notice how the top row has all red, white and green books.  I tried to do orange and black ones for Halloween, but it didn’t work out.  I also decided to put most of my tinsel trees up high this year, the ones that would fit anyway.  Wanna make your own set of Parisian Pine cone People?
I brought Christmas into the Florida room atop the bar.  Remember the Christmas TV trays how to project from last year?  I love using my vintage Thermos collection as planters and vases.
This bookshelf in my living room sees a lot of holiday action as well.  I have amassed quite the little collection of reindeer and am always looking for more.  I framed not only holiday pictures of Tallulah, but also pieces of vintage wrapping paper.  Notice last years Christmas in an Ice Cream Cone hiding in the shelves?
Every time I do dishes I have this collection of vintage Christmas elves I stole from my sister smiling at me.  They hold my usual over the sink junk like pens, scissors and paint brushes as well as some kitschy fake candy.
Ya so what, doesn’t everyone have 13 Christmas trees in their house?  It’s hereditary I swear, check out my mother’s house at Christmas.  I added ornaments to my tree for the first time this year, let’s see if they make it to next year with Tallulah’s curiosity.  Don’t forget you can learn how to make your own Hula Hoop Wreath right here.
Are you done with all your holiday decorating?  I might still try to squeeze in a fancy centerpiece for the dining room table since I am hosting Christmas for the family this year.  I’ll keep you posted!

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