Vision Boards for New Years Eve – Creative Ideas for Resolutions

You could make a plan to change things in your life any time of the year, but there is something about the clean slate of a new year that attracts us all.  Every year people (myself included) vow to eat less, exercise more, take that class they always dreamed about, pay off debt….you get the picture.  I’m still formulating my 2017 plan, but what I do know is that a mood/vision board always helps get the ball rolling.  Gather some friends and make it a party.

I first posted about this New Year’s Eve Vision Boards Party on the Treetopia Blog (sponsored), but with another year rolling around I wanted to post about it here too.  Supposedly if you write down your goals, or make them into a vision board and post them where they are staring back at you constantly you are more likely to achieve them.  True or false I don’t know, but any excuse to use a glue stick and I’ll give it a whirl.

Tell me about your goals and resolutions for 2017 and more importantly how you keep track of them.  Do you make a vision board?  Jot them down in your phone and hope for the best?  Endlessly pin healthy recipes you will never make?  I’ll tell you if you tell me!

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