Decorating for Kitschmas With Vintage Toys

Everyone has that sentimental attachment to vintage toys from their youth.  I can still smell Strawberry Shortcake blowing me kisses and excitement of getting a fresh box of crayons.  Why not take a trip down memory lane one Christmas by using a collection of vintage toys as decorations.  When I stumbled upon a dealer at a flea market selling things like a Barbie Fold n’ Fun House, Crayon Carrousels and Easy Bake Ovens in their original boxes I knew it was going to be a nostalgic noel at my house.

Kitschy Christmas display by Jennifer Perkins.

Collecting Vintage Toys

Full disclosure – I’ve collected vintage toys on and off for years.  Dream Pets, Rushkin rubber face dolls and old Fisher Price toys were the kinds of things I already had around the house.  In this picture the Dressy Bessy Doll, Panda radio and Raggedy Ann and Andy book were mine as a child.  All the G.I. Joe belonged to my husband.  Some of the things you need to recreate a look like this might already be lurking in your attic (or your parent’s attic).  If not the flea market, eBay and thrift stores are your friend here. 

Hot pink Christmas tree styled with vintage toys.

Decorating For Kitchmas With Vintage Toys

They don’t call it Kitschmas for nothing – is there anything more kitschy than the neon colors of toys from the 70’s?  Who else had that Rolly Polly Bear?  The little Fisher Price radio was mine as a child!  I usually style my vintage toy collection at the base of Christmas trees like Santa has already delivered!  

DIY Gift Wrap That’s As Cute as All Those Old Toys!

Now what good does it do to style an adorable tree and then stick a bunch of gifts under it that totally ruin the vibe.  Try a few of these ideas for DIY wrapping paper like the ones I painted above …


Flocked Christmas tree with handmade felt appliqué tree skirt and vintage toys.

Nobody Wants to See Your Christmas Tree Base

Ya’ll just as important as the star on top is the tree skirt at the bottom of your tree.  Finish off that look for head to toe Kitschmas perfection.  In a pinch if you don’t have a tree skirt (GASP) you could instead surround the base of your tree with vintage toys!  Boom looks like Santa came through a time portal from 1970 and no ugly metal tree base!

Wanna make your own Kitschmas tree skirt?


Vintage metal doll house decorated for Christmas

Deck the Doll House Halls

Not all those vintage toys need to live underneath a Christmas tree as a prop.  They’re your toys use your imagination!  Fill old trucks with tiny faux packages or perhaps decorate the doll house halls!

A collection of vintage toys as Christmas decorations.

Santa Can Hang Out With the Vintage Toys Too

Mix and match your Christmas decorations with your vintage toy collection.  Twink from Rainbow Brite and Storm Shadow from GI Joe totally want to hang out with your vintage blow molds, Christmas elephant dolls and table top trees.  The whole idea is to tug at those heart strings and get that feeling of Christmas morning circa 1980. 

P.S. Wondering What a blow mold is?  Check out this post: 10 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Blow Molds in Your Christmas Decor.

Lavender Christmas tree surrounded by vintage Mod toys.

Matching the Vintage Toys To The Christmas Tree

Things can aesthetically go south quickly if color and theme wise your toys do not match the tree.  Barbie in a caftan underneath a Victorian themed tree full of glass ornaments would be a bit of a Kitschmas nightmare.  Keep this in mind when choosing toys.

Wanna See More of My Crazy Colorful Christmas Trees?

Jennifer Perkins Christmas tattoo.

Where in the world do you put all this stuff?

I get asked this question almost daily during the holidays.  Luckily my house has two attics and a lot of closets!  Wanna see me in my attic?  Check out this video Helpful Holiday Storage Ideas.  One thing to remember is to keep things that are plush in bins with lids.  If you attic is prone to critters you will thank me.  Hard plastic toys like my vintage Fisher Price collection can go straight in the attic and just get dusted off at the holidays.

Green Christmas tree with beaded ornaments and vintage toys.

I threw this picture in of a ‘traditional’ style Christmas tree surrounded by vintage toys just to show you that yes I do in fact occasionally decorate green trees.  Check out a few more green Christmas trees here!

Using vintage toys to decorate for Christmas.

Looking Good in Yellow

There is no way to half-ass Kitschmas.  You need to either go big or go home and nothing sets off the highlights and Barbie’s blonde hair like a yellow Christmas tree.  Check out more in my post: Yay for Decorating a Year Round Yellow Christmas Tree.

Vintage sopping cart in front of a Christmas tree full of vintage toys.

Put a Bow On It

Get those vintage toys into the holiday spirit quick by adding a few strategic bows here and there!  I don’t know about you but Santa always mixed and matched wrapped and unwrapped gifts at my house.

Silver Christmas tree surrounded by vintage toys.

Serving Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree Realness

If you really wanted to do Kitschmas up right you would get yourself a vintage silver aluminum Christmas tree or in my case this awesome reproduction tinsel Christmas tree.

P.S. Fun Fact: Benji the movie was filmed in my hometown of McKinney, TX.  All the scenes in the backyard where the kids feed Benji is my childhood home.

Kitschmas with Jennifer Perkins and her collection of vintage toys as decorations.

I’m always keeping my eye out for more vintage toys to add to my collection.  I only bust out these collections during the holidays so it’s extra fun every year to revisit all my goodies and relive my childhood.  What were your favorite toys as a kid?  Man what I’d do for that Barbie Perfume Factory or a set of Sea Wees.

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