Vintage Telephone Cord Purses and DIY Bracelets

Vintage phone cord purse for sale on Etsy.

Did I mention I am starting to seriously lighten my vintage load?  No, I’ve not turned into a Marie Kondo convert – I just have a LOT of stuff.  Too much stuff and it’s cool stuff too.  Like this amazing Vintage Rainbow Telephone Cord Purse in my The Huntress Gatherer Etsy shop.

The Naughty Secretary Club jewelry how-to book.

I’ve always loved vintage purses, but my obsession with the ones made of phone cords started when I was writing my book The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry.  You have a signed copy right?  Ok, good just checking.

How to make a bracelet from telephone cord.

All the projects in the book are somehow related to office life.  I could not forget telephone cords.  Sure, they are obsolete for the most part these days but the curly colorful ones are too fun not to craft with and wear.  These Thank You for Calling Bracelets from the book were inspired by vintage telephone cord purses.

Vintage telephone cord purse collection.

Oh look is that the Vintage Rainbow Telephone Cord Purse from my Etsy store on page 31 of my book?  Why yes, why yes it is.  In other words this purse is not only amazingly cute it is pretty famous.  Sort of.  I’m keeping that black and white one for me, don’t event think about it.  The brown one might make it to Etsy.

Vintage Telephone Cord purse in rainbow of colors.

So phones with cords may be going the way of the dodo, but that’s ok because purses (and bracelets) made from telephone cords will be here for the long haul.  Pop over to The Huntresses Gatherer and check out all the purses, the Naughty Secretary Club shop has signed copies of my book so you can make your own Thank You for Calling Bracelet.  While you’re there you might as well check out the Jennifer Perkins Art Shop too because ya know, why not?


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