Vintage Inspired No-Sew Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

When you decorate a tree it should be from head to toe.  You would not forget the tree topper, lights or ornaments would you?  So often I see people neglect the base of their trees with no Christmas Tree skirt or a skirt that looks like it was an after thought.  Not me.


If I’m going to bother to put that much effort into a tree, you better bet I am going to make sure the base looks fabulous.  Several years ago I shared a fun DIY Kitschy No-Sew Felt Tree Skirt idea, this year I’ve got another one on DIY Network.  This skirt was made to reflect my dear collection of Jewel Brite ornaments.  The best thing about these is that there is no sewing, only cutting and gluing.  If you can dream it, you can cut it in felt.  That should be on a crafty inspirational poster.  I digress, go check out the skirts and let me know if you make yourself one.


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