Vintage Inspired Kitschy Sequin Ornaments DIY


Don’t hate me because my mom is crafty bad-ass that makes me amazing wreaths.  Well, she didn’t actually make this one for me, but I stole it anyway because clearly it really needed to live in my home.


I love my new wreath so dang much I was inspired to make a few vintage inspired ornaments of my own.  I already have quite the collection and there is the hot air balloon ornament I made in this same style last year, but I adore the way these turned out.  This green number may not be vintage, but the barkcloth and stripped ribbon is.


If I’m making a craft you better bet Tallulah is right there beside me.  I shared some hot pink muumuu scraps with her and she improved her fine motor skills for over an hour diligently pushing small sequin pins into foam.


Pop over to the I Love to Create blog for my full tutorial on how to make your very own vintage inspired kitschy Christmas ornaments.



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