Try and Guess What These DIY Vampire Fang Piñatas Are Made From!

DIY Fang Paper Plate Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Piñatas make every party (and holiday) better including Halloween.  What’s even better than that is a DIY vampire fang piñata.  Not all piñatas have to get hit with a stick.  These cuties are single serve and wait until you find out what they are made with!  Please note this post has affiliate links.

Supplies for making a paper plate piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Spoiler alert – it’s a paper plate!  Plates are the perfect size, they have the natural shape that lends them to being a piñata and my favorite part they are cheap!  You will also need red streamers, a stapler, glue, silver craft paper and scissors.  I happen to adore my fringing scissors, but regular scissors will work too.

How to make a piñata out of a paper plate by Jennifer Perkins

The first thing to do is get your plate into the right shape.  Are you ready for this tricky step – fold the plate in half and staple shut.  Really hard right?  Be sure to leave a space where you can stuff fun stuff like toys inside.

How to make a DIY paper plate piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Fringe red streamers with your scissors.  Using craft glue wrap the folded plate.  Before you finish wrapping all the way fill your single serve piñata with treats then finish sealing it shut.

How to make a DIY Halloween Piñata out of a paper plate that looks like vampire fangs by Jennifer Perkins

All that is left to do is add fangs.  I used silver craft paper to make my fangs.  All you need to do is cut out two triangles and attach with glue.  These are so fun to hand out at parties in place of goodie bags or to Boo your neighbors with.  Be sure to check out my post on DIY Network10 Creative DIY Halloween Piñatas for more inspiration.  Are you a DIY piñata kinda guy or gal or store bought all the way?


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