Valentines to Hang on the Wall Not to Send – Part 2

Today is part 2 in our series on Valentine art.  With the big day on the horizon there is no better way to say I love you than with a nice print you can hang on the wall Feb 14th after Feb 14th.
It’s not that I am particularly fond of the slogan Love Like There is No Tomorrow, but I am such a sucker for hot pink and orange together that it makes me love this print by Den Ten Studio.
I like Love, but I love it when it is 100% organic and vegan.  Canned Love by Lisa Barbero would be cute hanging in your kitchen year round.
Happy Doodle Land and I meet again, this time with her cutesy Love Balloon print.
Laura George always makes cute things and her Squish me Print is so cute I wanna just squish it!
As the story goes you can send your Valentines to Loveland Colorado to be postmarked.  Cute idea, but I think I would rather have this Vintage Loveland Map by Art Wallah.
Isn’t there supposedly some rule about graphic design where you should only have so many fonts on one thing?  I say Yellow Mums puts that rumor to rest with her Valentine Subway Art.
If you could cuddle with a print, wouldn’t you want to give this little Love is in the Air owl by Whimsy Whimsical a squeeze?  I would.
I sure will be yours Mateo and Tobias, I’m pretty smitten on your Will You be Mine Print.
Speaking of birds this little chirper is pretty dang adorable too.  Love Bird by Lisa Tubbs is the perfect way to tell that special someone something without telling them anything.
See any prints in the last 2 weeks that you might consider doing a little Valentine’s Day decorating with?  Did I miss your favorite lovey dovey print of all time, lemme know!

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  1. yeevon

    The squish me print is sooooo adorably funny XD Thank you so much for putting all these wonderful things together~ <3


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