Getting into the Valentine’s Day Spirit With a Vintage Sewing Themed Craft Space Makeover

Is it weird that I like to decorate my craft space in theme for the holidays?  Wait – don’t answer that.  I thought some vintage Valentines and antique toy sewing machines were just what I needed to get ready for Cupid’s arrival!  I don’t even sew but I just love the crafty aspect of the whole thing!

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Dreambox decorated for Valentine's Day.

Create Room Dreambox Decorated for Valentine’s Day

Technically I use an entire room in my house to craft, but my main hub is a Dreambox from Create Room.  I gotta say speaking of Valentine’s Day I love this thing.  It’s like a big cabinet that opens up to display my favorite crafty goodies but can also be closed to condense and hide the supplies.  Not only do I keep mine wide open 99% of the time I’ve taken to decorating it as of late.  It’s so fun and I’m such a sucker for holidays and color coordinating.

Anywhoodle if you ever decide to upgrade your craft space you can always use my code JENNIFERPERKINS at checkout over on the Create Room website for a discount.  Tell your sweetie to keep the candy and get you a Dreambox instead, then you can decorate yours too!

Pink garland decorated for Valentine's Day with vintage toy sewing machines.

Vintage Sewing Themed Valentine’s Day Decor

So as mentioned I am not much of a seamstress but what I am is a lover of a good theme.  My mother collected vintage toy sewing machines and now I have all of them.  Majority of her collection just so happened to be red and pink!  Believe it or not this is not my first time to bring these little Sew-o-Matics into my holiday decor.  Check out this Sewing Themed Christmas Tree.

A craft space decorated for Valentine's Day with pink garlands and toy sewing machines.

Vintage Sewing Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

I collect about a million different things and of course vintage Valentine cards are on that list.  There are so many sweet ones in my stash with all kinds of cute themes but sewing kept calling my name.  Cute little girls stitching away for their beloveds.  You could scan in your collection or there are plenty of digital downloads to be had on Etsy.  I enlarged my Valentine’s Day cards before I printed them and then glued them to cardstock so they would be stiff.

P.S. Check out this other collage craft project using Valentine’s Day cards!

Pink garland decorated with vintage sewing Valentines.

Easy Valentine’s Day Ornaments

Not just vintage sewing themed Valentine’s and toy sewing machines I needed a few ornaments too!  My best friend the pompom makes an appearance PLUS a pink measuring tape and the easiest wooden spool ornaments ever.  I used these spools from Amazon and just hot glued red striped ribbon to them.  All that was left to do was stick them on the ends of a few garland branches!

Looking for more DIY Valentine’s Day Ornaments?

Createroom Dreambox decorated with pink garland and vintage sewing themed Valentines.

Garlands are Low Commitment Holiday Decor

I love the low commitment of decorating with garlands and wreaths instead of a full blown Valentine’s Day tree.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a tree as much as the next guy but for smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day a garland, wreath or mini tree is perfect!

A Few of My Favorite Valentine’s Day Wreaths and Garlands 

Valentine chocolate box filled with craft supplies.

Keep the Chocolate and Give Me the Craft Supplies

Wouldn’t you love a box like this for Valentine’s Day?  A crafty girls dream come true!  Really I just wanted an excuse to bust out my one of my favorite collections – vintage Valentine’s Day candy boxes.  Oh the lace, flowers and plastic – they just don’t make them like they used to!  Luckily you can always give a box of Valentine’s Day Candy a Makeover.

Shelves inside a craft cabinet styled for Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Shelf Styling

I’m always changing things around in my Dreambox.  I have way more craft supplies and craft books than I could keep inside so when I change them out for the holidays it gives me an excuse to flip through and get ideas or have new mediums at arms reach making it much more likely I’ll give those paint sticks a spin.

Craft space decorated for Valentine's Day by Jennifer Perkins.

Valentines Day Craft Space Makeover

I love the little crafty Valentine’s Day themed touches throughout my Dreambox!  Plus this is a sweet nod to my mom with her antique toy sewing machines.  She was an amazing seamster!

Valentine decorations with a vintage sewing theme.

Sew what about it?  Feeling crafty?  I’m already planning an Easter makeover and maybe even a St. Patrick’s Day set up before then!


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