Using Teal Blue in Your Halloween Decor

A Halloween tinsel tree adds a touch of blue.What is a ghost’s favorite color?  Boo! Blue is quickly becoming one of my favorite Halloween colors too.  Not say royal, sky or navy so much as teal.  Done right blue green can fit in with your more traditional orange and black Halloween landscape.  Just take a look at this tinsel Christmas tree.  With a few spooky additions my Christmas tree is now a Halloween tree.  P.S. Check out my entire post on Spooky Tinsel Trees.

Plastic Halloween pumpkins on a shelfOrange and blue are complimentary colors.  It only makes sense that teal found it’s way into the Halloween color palette.  My old house was painted aqua, there were aqua shelves and teal walls.  After decorating for Halloween multiple times it finally dawned on me that I needed more blue in my Halloween.

10384290103_617fcf7942_oTrendy Halloween stores like Home Goods, Tuesday Morning and Target totally second my teal Halloween motion.  This bottle of teal poison looks good enough to drink.  Photo by Jennifer Ramos.

Colorful Halloween vignetteSometimes items you already have around your house work perfectly in a Halloween vignette.  I collect vintage glass vases and each year I am surprised how beautifully they fit in with my Halloween (and Christmas) decor.

Decorating for Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Can you really have too many spooky trees up at Halloween?  I say no.  These trees look great with my Day of the Dead string lights.

DIY ornaments for a Teal Pumpkin Project Themed Christmas Tree by Jennifer Perkins

Let us not forget the Teal Pumpkin Project something so near and dear to my heart I decorated an entire Halloween tree about it!  (Please note that was a sponsored post)


Just a pop will do ya.  One little crystal covered teal skull in a sea of Halloween.  Are you using boo, I mean blue, in your Halloween decor?

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