10 Creative Ways to UpCycle a Plastic Bottle

We all know by now that reusable water bottles are the way to go, but sometimes you can’t help but find yourself in possession of a plastic bottle.  Whether that drink is a 20oz water or 2 liters of soda there is always a clever way to upcycle that plastic bottle.

10 Creative Ways to UpCycle a Plastic Bottle

Have you heard the rumors that I have a new book coming out on March 15th called UpCycle It! Crafts For Kids?  Well inside there are not one, but two projects for recycling plastic bottles into something new and improved! Keep reading and I’ll give you a sneak peak at those projects PLUS more ideas for transforming bottles into everything from bats to bowling.

Pencil Case made from plastic bottle and a sock.

Plastic Bottle Pencil Pouch

This is one of my very favorite projects from UpCycle It! Crafts For Kids. I won’t spoil the fun and tell you everything about it, but let’s just say all those single socks you have been hanging onto hoping and praying that the match would one day surface have finally found their purpose! Also, this cutie is no-sew!

4th of July Lawn Bowling with Jennifer Perkins

4th of July Lawn Bowling

This is a fun project I made for the Rachael Ray Show. Let’s face it everyone is outside majority of the time at a 4th of July party, you have get creative with ways to keep the kids entertained.  What better way than with a round of patriotic lawn bowling with pins made from plastic bottles.  Just add a ball!

Panda bear plastic bottle hanging planter by Jennifer Perkins

Recycled Hanging Bottle Panda Planter

Do you have a copy of my first kids book Easy Arts and Crafts For Kids: 50 Fun Projects to Make, Wear and Share?  You should because there are several recycled projects inside like these adorable panda planters.  What animal will you turn your plastic bottle into?  Once you get started you will be making an entire jungle of these easy plastic bottle planters.

Kids toy boats made from plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle Boats

I want an entire regatta of these adorable Plastic Bottle Boats by Susie Rugg of Handy With Scissors. Such a fun spring or summer project for the pool side littles in your life. Heck take em to the tub for year round fun!

Recycled bottles lawn bowling

DIY Gnome Bowling Set

Have you ever noticed how much a 2 litter bottle looks like a little gnome?  You won’t be able to unsee it after you check out this adorable plastic bottle gnome lawn bowling project perfect for kids and adults. The best part is if you whip these little guys up with outdoor paint you can pop them around your garden for decorations when not in mid strike.

Hanging Halloween bat planters made from plastic bottles.

DIY Hanging Bat Planters

Pop over to HGTV to see how I made this cauldron of DIY Hanging Bat Planters.  No really a group of bats is called a cauldron, how cool is that.  You know what else is cool?  There is a video of me making these bats!  Photo by Kimberly Davis Photography.

Plastic bottle cactus night light.

Crafty Cactus Night Light

Picking favorite projects from my book UpCycle It! Crafts For Kids is like picking a favorite child, but if you forced me I’d choose this Crafty-Cactus Night Light. Faux spikes, pompoms and of course it lights up! Cute enough for an adult to want in the house, but definitely easy enough for a kid to make.

Green bottles painted to look like witches for a kids game

Halloween Witch Bowling

Let a green plastic bottle do all the work for you with this Halloween Witch Bowling Set.  All you need to add to the bottles is a spooky cute face and a yarn wrapped witches hat.  The key to throwing a successful Halloween party for kids is setting up activities like circuit training at the gym.  Think of lawn bowling as one of those circuits. 

How to recycle a water bottle into a bunny rabbit planter by Jennifer Perkins

Easter Bunny Bottle Planter

I’ve got not one but Three Easter Bunny Inspired Crafts Using Plastic Bottles.  There is this wee little tabletop cutie plus a hanging version and a DIY recycled Easter basket.

Recycled bottle napkin rings by Creative Jewish Mom

Festive Napkin Rings Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

If you are going to set the table and bust out the cloth napkins you might as well do it in style!  Sara over at Creative Jewish Mom has made the most clever (and colorful) Festive Napkin Rings using you guessed it – recycled plastic bottles!

Definitely opt for that reusable water bottle when you can, but when you can’t remember there always a creative plastic water bottle idea just waiting to be made! Love to hears the different ways you’ve recycled a plastic water bottle.


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