How to Decorate a Tween’s Room for Christmas with an Ice Cream Tree

I’m so excited to be kicking off the Treetopia Small Spaces blog hop (This is a sponsored post).  As the Treetopia brand ambassador I get to decorate a lot of fun trees, but when I get to decorate trees for my kid’s rooms it is extra fun!  Pencil trees and table top trees are perfect for small spaces like a child’s room.  My tween picked the Ice Cream Christmas Tree theme and left the rest to me.

Christmas tree for a tween with a sweet treats theme by Jennifer Perkins

I started with a tall, slim white Treetopia tree.  This tree is great, because my daughter’s room is not all that big.  This tree gives her the look of a full sized Christmas tree without taking up her entire room. I have decorated this versatile tree for Christmas, Easter4th of July and even as part of a candy corn tree forest for Halloween.  Nothing like a lush white tree to fill with sweet treats like cupcakes and ice cream.  Who needs visions of sugarplums when you have these cuties.

Ice cream themed Christmas tree for a child's bedroom.

When my daughter opted for a sweet treats themed tree I was prepared.  I’ve decorated a tree for National Ice Cream Day not once, but twice!  Want your own DIY sweet treats ornaments?  Check out these pompom ice cream cones, ice cream cake boxesice cream sundae cups and air dry clay ice cream cone ornaments.

Tween room Christmas tree with DIY ice cream ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

My daughter’s room already had a lot of pink going on so this theme fit right in.  When decorating a bedroom for a holiday don’t be afraid to add in fun holiday themed extra’s like picture frames and even change out the bedding to something seasonal.  Rumor has it that Christmas trees also make great night lights.

Decorating small spaces like bedrooms for Christmas by Jennifer Perkins

Let your kids be the guide when choosing a tree and theme for their room.  You know what they like and what they would enjoy in their rooms.  Tweens like sweets and my son has toys in his tree.  I’m kinda jealous and thinking I may need to put a Christmas tree in my own bedroom.

Ice cream themed Christmas tree for a tween room by Jennifer Perkins

Sure you could put a mini tree or even a small tabletop tree in your kid’s room, but really impress them (and let them impress their friends) with a fun slim full height pencil tree in their bedroom.  My daughter says she wants to keep this tree up year round and it is so cute I just might let her!

All week Treetopia is sharing fun trees in small spaces from a slew of awesome bloggers like Designed Decor, Tried and True, Simplified Bee, Home by Heidi and Mom Home Guide.




8 Responses to “How to Decorate a Tween’s Room for Christmas with an Ice Cream Tree”

  1. Lauren

    I love how you decorated your daughter’s tree for her room! I know my daughters would love a tree like that in their rooms!

  2. Lynelle

    That room is absolutely gorgeous! I love the details and how colorful it is. I don’t blame your daughter for wanting to keep the tree up the whole year. It’s so beautiful that I would do it too!


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