Turn Your Tie-Dye T-Shirts Into Jewelry

If you find yourself near a Hobby Lobby this Saturday chances are good that you might come across an I Love to Create blogger like myself whipping up some tie-dye magic. This coming Saturday I’ll be in North West Austin this coming Saturday morning and would love to see your smiling face. Bring your own pre-washed T-shirt and I’ll get it all dyed up for you. After all of these demos I am amassing quite the collection of tie-dye shirts. My husband has incorporated them into his wardrobe happily, but I stole a few from his drawers and decided to make them into jewelry. Pop over to the I Love to Create blog to see how. You know me, if it will sit still long enough I will make it into jewelry.

2 Responses to “Turn Your Tie-Dye T-Shirts Into Jewelry”

  1. vintage honeybee

    I'm so bummed. We are going there for vacation at the end of the month. I would have loved to ho there and meet you. Being an Austin girl, what would you recommend doing there? Any cool flea markets ir thrift shops that you like? I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!


  2. vintagevixenarts

    Dang!Wish we lived closer or we would def come visit and join the fun! Alas we are Midwest:( On the up side Hob Lob is only a short scooter trip away and my little nephew has been asking me to make him a T.Dye T., so I will have to pop over and get my craft on!


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