Trophy Wine Bottle Topper Tutorial


Merlot, Pinot, Malbec—they will all look more dashing and feel more thoughtful with a customized wine bottle topper. The nice thing about these toppers is that they can transfer from bottle to bottle.



Trophies (easily found at the thrift store)
Drill or awl
Craft paint, markers, et cetera
Small fabric trim
Strong glue


The first thing I did was procure some trophies. Lady bowlers in skirts always make me giggle. The thrift store is usually ripe with trophies of all types, and the decorative trophy toppers easily unscrew from the base.


Using various paints and pens, adorn your trophies. The sky’s the limit. Give them collared blouses, polka dots, spiffy shoes, and flowers in their hair.


Allow the paint to dry completely.


If you are so inclined (and who wouldn’t be?), you can go in and add trim, ribbons, and ball fringe as belts and whatnot. Secure with glue.


Using a drill or an awl, start a hole in the top of your cork.


Using a strong glue, twist your trophy topper into the hole. Once the trophy has been screwed down flush with the cork, allow the glue to dry completely.


These make great thank-you gifts for someone who completely “bowled you over.”  Think beyond bowling.  Maybe karate trophies to let someone know they “kick ass”!

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