Treetopia Valentine’s Day Wreath Blog Hop and Giveaway!

DSC_0722Hooray the day is finally here that I get to share my Treetopia Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day wreath.  Remember the wreath making party I had with my Austin girlfriends a few weeks back?  I thought it would be fun to have another wreath making party with my girlfriends across the country. From Arizona to Atlanta Treetopia sent the wreaths out and this week we are all going to share.

DSC_0752Each day on the Treetopia blog you can stop by for a teaser photo from each of my incredibly creative friends.  From there the crafters will be sharing their wreaths in full glory on their own blogs.  PLUS each day each blogger will be running a contest to give away a Pretty in Pink Treetopia wreath, which means you have 5 chances to win this week!

DSC_0708Check out this star studded line up of art, craft and design.  I can not wait to see what my friends have come up with.  One wreath five fabulous ways!

DSC_0721You might recognize a few things in my wreath from crafts past.  I spy the sand flocked ceramic deer I made a few Valentine’s back.  There are a few of the wool hearts that were once a part of the needle felted Valentine’s Day banner I made for BlogHer.  I stole a few ornaments from my Valentine’s Day tree for my wreath.  Oh and the chenille pipe cleaner people I made were too cute to not add to my wreath.

DSC_0704So let’s talk free stuff.  What would you do with one of these amazing pink wreaths?  Enter below and you might just get a chance to show the world.  Don’t forget every day this week you have another chance to win on each of the blogs participating in the blog hop!

Enter to Win a Free Pretty in Pink Wreath!

DSC_0714I’m in the mood for love just looking at this wreath.  How about you?

Pink Valentine's Day Wreath

***Please note I was compensated and given free products for this post.  Mama has to pay the bills somehow and really who says no to free pink wreaths?***


57 Responses to “Treetopia Valentine’s Day Wreath Blog Hop and Giveaway!”

  1. Laure Janus

    I loved Valentine’s Day in school, when you decorated the boxes, made your own Valentines, and then passed them out to classmates. I gave one to every classmate – I guess even at a young age I didn’t want anyone to feel left out!

  2. michelle white

    I have never had a truly memorable V-day. I do think that a pink wreath is exactly what my boring brown door needs.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Michelle W.

  3. Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Favorite Valentines Day Memory Was My First Valentine’s Day With My Husband. So Magical And Romantic.

  4. Kathy

    I love this wreath! I have a black front door so I know it will really shine! I love vintage, so I would decorate it with fun vintage cards, faux candy hearts and doodads! It is a fun and dazzling way to greet your guests!

  5. georgey c.

    My Valentine Memory was the day I was surprised with Dairy Queen frozen cake that my husband brought for me. I wasnt expecting that at all.

  6. Jennifer Essad

    I remember having to bring a shoe box to school for decorating so we could exchange our Valentine Cards. This wreath starts a whole new tradition for us

  7. Lenore

    Feb, 2009. I meet in person the love of my life (we meet online), he spent a week in Mexico (he’s from basque country) and even when he needed to go the day before v-day he made me feel like the most loved person in the world.

  8. Paige

    Your wreath design blows my mind! It’s like You jumped into by brain and pulled that right out!

  9. Angela

    The things you make are so amazing. I wish i had more friends near me that could craft with me. My favorite Valentine’s memory is one that continues every year. Since we started dating, the hubby has always gotten me stuffed animals, not just a teddy bear but GIANT animals. It is my favorite thing in the world and when he is gone i always have an extra hug <3 Happy Valentine's day!!!

  10. Raina DelRio

    My favorite Valentine memory is the year I got my first handmade Valentines the kiddos made in nursery school. Still makes my heart melt to see those scribbles and scrawls!

  11. Sarah M.

    Okay, wow!! Best wreath I’ve ever seen!! Super cool for Valentine’s Day. I’d love to win <3

  12. Heidi

    My favorite Valentine memory is actually the story of how my Dad proposed to my Mom on Valentine’s Day. They were married September 1st later that year 🙂

  13. Michele

    C U R R E N T favorite thing about valentines day: reading the simple + sweet sentiments from strangers on the vintage valentines i collect each year <3 ALSO daydreaming about spraying layers of gold glitter on anything in the shades of pink, coral, red, white, and gold.

    P A S T favorite thing: making my boyfriend a vegan and gluten free heart cake with the words BE MINE on it and he ate all of it even though it was just ok.

    this wreath reminds me of every delicious cupcake topper living together in the world of a
    cotton candy utopia.

  14. vivian

    LOVE your wreath, thats a lot of stuff tucked in there. followed the link for Jenny and Aarons blog, running to check the others out now. happy day!

  15. Betsy Barnes

    My absolute favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when I went on my first date with my hubby, twenty-eight years ago. We spent the day hiking, had a picnic lunch and ended the day with a nice dinner. 🙂

  16. Becky

    Your wreath is adorable!! If I had one of these wreaths, I’m sure I would try to copy you!


    Super cute wreath!
    Favorite Vday story? When my husband paid someone to let him use their fishing dock. He took me out to it and had a table set up with fancy linens and flowers and had a gourmet meal delivered. xo

  18. Milli Wagoner

    Oh My Goodness!!! This wreath is stunning in every way!!!! Such a fun giveaway!!

  19. Robert

    Love! Please put my name in the hat! Your wreath looks so yummy, surrounded in vintage goodness!! Happy Early Valentine’s Day! Robert ♥

  20. Ann

    I love how your decorated yours with the Chocolate Heart box, and vintage trinkets. It is lovely on the wall.

  21. Kelsea Echo

    Love the wreath! Today’s my boyfriend and my second anniversary. 🙂 Just under two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, we had only been dating a week. I wasn’t sure if we’d do anything to celebrate since our relationship was so new. But on V-day, he showed up at my place with a basket full of mini DESSERTS from Whole Foods! Hehe. Clearly it was meant to be. 😉

  22. Sue

    My favorite is making Valentine’s boxes for the kids to take to school. We always got very crafty and messy. My son still has his paper mache (over balloons) love bug up in his closet. Great memories!

  23. Kim Hall

    Valentine’s Day was always special with my little Maltese Max! He had lots of friends all over the world, and we always sent personalized Valentines….this is my first Valentine’s in fifteen years without him. Max is always in my heart…. Kudos to the creators of the wreaths. They are all stunning! I hope I win one!


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