Treetopia Design Council 2019: Holiday Style Stars

It’s that time 0f year again and I could not be more excited!  To kick off the holiday season I’m starting things with the annual Treetopia Design Council post!

This post is sponsored by Treetopia.  I am their brand ambassador, but all opinions and love of colorful Christmas trees are my own.

This year for Design Council I am sharing TWO NEW CHRISTMAS TREES I’ve added to my forest!

Tinsel Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins decorated with vintage ornaments.

Prelit Timeless Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree with Multi LED Lights

The first new addition to my forest is the Prelit Timeless Tinsel Christmas Tree.  A throw back to the vintage aluminum trees of the 50’s and 60’s this tree fits right in around these parts!  The LED lights in multicolors give it a new twist.

Rose gold colored Christmas tree

Rose´All Day Artificial Christmas Tree

I’m kinda in love with my new Rose´All Day Day Christmas Tree.  Maybe it is the way it matches my beauty parlor chair perfectly or looks so great in my bedroom – either way I’m smitten!

Treetopia Design Council

Treetopia Design Council 2019: Holiday Style Stars

Ya’ll this year for the Treetopia Design Council there are some seriously awesome ladies PLUS there is a secret Santa giveaway where you could win your own tree!  This is not my first time at the Design Council rodeo!  As the Treetopia Brand ambassador I’ve participated in a few if you want to take a fun little stroll down memory lane.

After you are done here go check out some of those other amazing bloggers and their trees!

Silver tinsel Christmas tree with Jewel Brite ornaments.

Jewel Brite and Tinsel Vintage Inspired Christmas

I’m always a big fan of mixing old and new.  Too much of any one genera, style or era starts to look silly.  The Treetopia tinsel tree is a new spin on a classic.  There is an iridescence to the tinsel unlike the vintage aluminum trees.  The tree was perfect for my collection of vintage Jewel Brite ornaments since each branch is the perfect showcase.

Vintage toys under a silver tinsel Christmas tree

Jewel Brite Inspired Tree Skirt

Underneath my tinsel tree is my No-Sew Vintage Inspired Tree Skirt with designs based on Jewel Brite ornaments.  Ties the whole thing together!  Throughout the entire room I have sprinkled vintage toys so that it looks the Santa of my youth has been here already.

Etagere with silver tinsel tree and vintage blow molds

Etagere Christmas Styling

This Milo Baughman etagere from the thrift shop is the gift that keeps giving.  The pull out portion is the perfect size for a 6″ tall Christmas tree.  This year I’ve used the shelf not only for a tree, but also for a few of my favorite vintage blow molds.  The blow molds are nestled with some silver garland to tie in the tinsel tree.

Vintage Christmas blow molds and a silver tinsel tree on a brass etagere.

Nothing Says Vintage Christmas Like a Tinsel Tree

So just because you can’t find the perfect vintage aluminum Christmas tree at the flea market does not mean you can’t have the perfect mid-century decor.  I gotta say the Treetopia Timeless Tinsel tree is pretty close to the real deal.

But wait, there is more!  Remember I decorated TWO trees for Design Council this year!

Jennifer Perkins styles a rose gold christmas tree with a vintage beauty parlor chair.

Boho Christmas Vibes

I don’t usually decorate my bedroom for Christmas, but this year I decided what the heck.  I have a large bookshelf in my room with the perfect spot for my new Rose´All Day tree.  It’s the Treetopia Design Council after all I figured go big or go home.  My goal is to get a tree in every room in the house.  Maybe not the bathrooms, but never say never.

Christmas tree in rose gold in front of a book shelf

Black and White is a Neutral

I love the colors of this tree and the way it can go so many different ways depending on the colors of the ornaments.  I kinda went for a funky southwest look on this one.  Black and white pops tie the whole thing together. Can’t find the ornament of your dreams?  Just paint your own like I did with these black and white cubes.

Colorful Christmas tree with beautician chair

Don’t Make Me Choose

If you were to ask me which one was my favorite tree for Design Council I just couldn’t pick, but maybe you can.  Are you more of a midcentury tinsel kinda guy or a Rose´all day kinda boho girl?  Apparently I’m both and I’m ok with that.  I can’t wait to show you what else I have in store this holiday season!

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