San Antonio Has a LOT More To See and Do Than Just The Alamo

The first thing people think of when they hear about San Antonio, Texas is The Alamo.  Possibly Pee Wee Herman and Ozzy Osbourne too, but I digress.  Sure The Alamo is awesome and you should totally visit but I’ve got a few other suggestions too.  San Antonio is a lovely city with tons of culture and things to do.  On a weekend trip with the family you could learn some history, eat great food, get cultured, go shopping, ride a boat and more.

Selena shrine at Mi Tierra in San Antonio, TX.

For people living in Austin, San Antonio is a little over an hour down the road.  I’ve done it as a day trip.  If you are looking for something to do with the kids over the summer rumor has it San Antonio has a great children’s museum called The DoSeum. (Don’t forget the McKenna Children’s Museum in New Braunfels between Austin and San Antonio).  If you don’t have the luxury of living close to San Antonio, there is plenty of places to stay.

View of riverwalk San Antonio.

Where to Stay in San Antonio

For a weekend trip to San Antonio my family stayed at the Embassy Suites San Antonio right on the world famous River Walk.  It was walking distance from everything, had great views and my kids loved the roof top pool.  It’s Texas so if you come in the summer remember the heat and opt for a hotel with a pool.  Something on the riverwalk is more expensive, but so convenient.

I’ve stayed in San Antonio several times over the years.  If you are just going with your girlfriends I can personally recommend the Hotel Contessa (another fabulous roof top pool). Next time I stay in San Antonio I have my eye on Havana which is more of a boutique hotel.  Their restaurant Ocho looks amazing.

Taking a boat ride on the San Antonio river walk.

Cruise the Riverwalk

Speaking of the San Antonio River Walk if you are coming with a gaggle of kids as I did (my two plus a nephew and two nieces) take a Riverwalk Cruise.  Think of a bus tour around a big city complete with guide expect you are in a boat.  The kids will enjoy it, but do bring water and hats in the summer as it is hot and sunny.

Pinatas hanging at Mi Tierra in San Antonio.

Where to Eat

Clearly when you are in San Antonio you need to have Tex Mex and Mi Tierra is pretty famous for doing that up just right.  I go every time I am in San Antonio, not just because their food is delicious but also because of their over the top decor.  Papel picado, pinatas and alters as far as the eye can see.  Even if you just visit their bakery and take a peek inside it is worth it.  

As a mother of a child with a peanut allergy I’d also like to say that they went above and beyond to make sure our food was safe.  They told me they even have a special system in the kitchen with guidelines they follow for customers with food allergies.  Mi Tierra also has vegetarian options.

Market Square with papel picado banners

Mi Tierra is located in Market Square which is a plaza always bustling day or night.  There is shopping, live music and lot’s to see and do.  If you were to pick three top tourist destinations on San Antonio it would be The Alamo, The Riverwalk and Market Square.  Take a stroll, sip a Michelada and buy the kids a souvenir.

Projected art on cathedral in Main Plaza.

Get Some Culture

In the evening I can’t recommend stopping by the San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral enough.  Walking distance from most everything in downtown San Antonio this church is gorgeous during the day, but it is at night that things really light up.  I mean that literally.  Every evening there is a projected light show called The Saga by French artist Xavier De Richemont projected onto the walls of the cathedral.  People sit and watch the show, if kids get bored there is a park and water feature to splash in right behind where everyone is sitting. Plus the show is FREE.

Take the kids to visit The Alamo.

Remember the Alamo

Of course when you are in San Antonio you have to visit The Alamo.  You pretty much will get your Texas citizenship revoked if you don’t go.  So much to learn and see, but honestly for little kids not that exciting.  The kids enjoyed it, we had to mark it off the bucket list, but in the end it is a museum (sorry Phil Collins).  Older kids might enjoy it more.

Traveling with kids to San Antonio Texas by Jennifer Perkins

Have you ever been to San Antonio?  What are your favorite places to go?  Have you ever seen the view from The Tower of the America’s,  taken in the Calder and the Rivera at The Mcnay, watched The Spurs win?


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