Thrifted Sequin Blazer Turned Halloween Wreath and Pumpkins

If it is going to make your heart hurt to see a an elaborately beaded and sequin covered vintage blazer cut up and recycled for the sake of Halloween – turn back now.

If instead you are thinking yes I always wanted to an excuse to buy those jackets after watching re-runs of Dynasty but never knew what for – welcome friends.

Let’s talk DIY sequined pumpkins turned Halloween wreath shall we.

Black wreath made with sequined jacket and pumpkins

What Does a Teal Pumpkin Mean?

If you are new here let me let you in on something – I have a son with food allergies.  We are currently in the process of going through immunotherapy to inoculate him from peanuts but causes like the Teal Pumpkin Project will always be near and dear to my heart.  Not all kids qualify for the treatment so there will always be a need at Halloween to make sure your trick-or-treats are inclusive and safe for everyone who might knock on the door – including kids with food allergies.

Teal pumpkin wreath with sequined pumpkins

DIY Teal Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

So speaking of knocking on the door let’s talk about wreaths!  I’ve made teal pumpkins for HGTV, DIY Network and right here.  I’ve decorated not one, but two teal pumpkin themed Halloween trees.  This is not even my first time at the teal pumpkin wreath rodeo (check out this guy on DIY).  However, this project involved thrift store shopping and we all know how I feel about thrift store shopping.

What you don’t know how I feel?  Check out my Thrift Store Haul IGTV video, National Thrift Store Day Christmas tree and 

Girl in vintage sequined jacket

Let’s Go Thrifting Shall We

So ya it all started with this thrift store score of a sequin jacket modeled by my friend Becky.  If it was not too big on both of us and I didn’t already have more sequins in my wardrobe than one homebody should have anyway I would have kept it.  However those teal sequins were destined for bigger things than my back.

Sequin jacket stretched in embroidery hoop

The center of the wreath is a large panel from the back of the jacket stretched in an embroidery hoop.  I wanted to try and get as much of the intricate design as I could.

I then glued the stretched sequin fabric to the backside of a large black wreath.  More on the Treetopia Blog.

Circles of sequin jacket material for pumpkins

To make the pumpkins several circles were cut out of the fabric.  Use a paper pattern if you like.

Fabric being cinched into pumpkin shape.

Make a running stitch around the edge of the circle and cinch.  Before the hole is closed stuff with batting.  I’ve got a handy dandy episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins all about making fabric pumpkins.

DIY sequin pumpkins on a black Halloween wreath

Using embroidery thread cinch the sequined pumpkin into sections.  I stole glittered pumpkin stems from some other pumpkins and glued them on top.

Black Halloween wreath with DIY pumpkins made from a sequined jacket

Is there such a thing as a sexy wreath?  As a chic Halloween?  As a sophisticated teal pumpkin?

There might not have been before, but there is now.  Talk sequins to me in the comments.  Did this project hurt your vintage wardrobe living heart or are you fist pumpkins for an awesome up-cycle?

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