Thrift Store Revamp – Rug Covered Stool DIY

I spend way too much time in Home Goods. Like the cashiers know me by name. Recently they have had a lot of fabulous items from India that have been catching my eye. Case in point, this ottoman. Problem was the ottoman is $70. The rugs are $7. I kept thinking their had to be a way to make my own version and I was right. Pop over to I Love to Create for my Home Goods Hack.

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  1. vintagevixenarts

    I hear ya! I received a 100 smacker house warming gift certificate(hmm, you are moving into a new house no?) Anyhoo I had never been, and lemme just say the prices were so great that I came out with a loaded cart full, and have loved that store ever since!Oh and if you get a spare momento feel free to drop by and see my latest revamp! xo


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