Sssspooky DIY Medusa Head Planter

Medusa – she is a beautiful mythical creature, but don’t stare at her too long or she will turn you into stone.  It’s easier said than done to not to look at a ssssspooky Medusa head planter like this one.  Hair full of snakes, or in this case plants – she is a perfect DIY Halloween decoration.  Want to make your own?  Let’s give a foam a lobotomy shall we!

How to make a medusa planter.

DIY Medusa Head Planter

This Medusa head planter is part of a roundup on Halloween Horticulture I did for DIY Network.  Pop over to check out terrifying terrariums and spooky succulents.  Just because Halloween is here does not mean it is time to ditch all signs of green life.  Embrace your green thumb this October with a green head.


SUPPLIES for making a Medusa Head Planter

  • Foam Head
  • Craft Knife
  • Green Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Snake Like Plant
  • Faux Eyelashes
  • Sequins
  • Glue
  • Plastic Snakes


Step 1 – Carve a Hole in the Foam Mannequin Head

Use the knife to hollow out the head.  Take care not to cut all the way through the forehead.  The hole only needs to be deep enough for dirt and plants.


Step 2 – Paint the Foam Head Green

Use craft paint to make your Medusa head green.  A couple of coats may be necessary.


Step 3 – Embellish Your Medusa Planter

Once your paint is dry embellish your Medusa head planter.  I opted for faux lashes, sequins and paint pens to make Medusa extra spooky.

How to make a Medusa planter out of a foam head for Halloween.

Step 4 – Add Plants To Your Medusa Head Plater

The last thing is to add your plant.  Just like a regular planter add some gravel for drainage, potting soil and some sort or trailing snake like plant.

I also added plastic snakes, wired yarn and floral picks to make things extra spooky.  

Plant that looks like Medusa with snakes.

See what I mean about it being hard not to stare at this Medusa head planter?  She’s pretty amazing, hope I don’t turn to stone!

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