The Secret Anatomy of a Young Girl

I have been feeling sentimental about Stitch after having so many people ask me about it and when the show is coming back this weekend at Maker Faire. I have always wanted to frame all my Stitch posters and hang them around the house. I have two up so far, but my favorite design by Austinite Brian Keplesky has yet to find a home. The girl that Brian illustrated for us is more of a silhouette showing the inner workings of a designer. Her ribs are scissors, arm bones replaced by sewing needles, safety pins and spools of thread rest inside also. I have always loved this graphic, so much we tweaked it and used it for Stitch 5 as well. When I saw the paper cuts by Cuban artist Elsa Mora, I saw a similarity and was imnmediatly smitten.

I toss and turn about which of Elsita’s paper cuts I love the most. Currently Secret Anatomy of a Young Girl is my favorite. I think the name of this print hits the nail on the head about why I love this style of illustration, it’s the classic silhouette with something secret and fun on the inside. Sugar and spice and sewing needles, anchors and dead birds.

Another print I might have to add to my collection is by Mexican artist Rosie Music. I have mentioned how her prints make my heart go pitter patter before, but now with her Too shy No.14 I’m not sure I will be able to resist. I think all 3 of these prints hung together would look amazing.

I feel a collection being born. My mom always says it just takes 3 of something and then it’s a collection. I could go the plain silhouette route, but there are so many of those to be found it is a slippery slope and I could fill an entire wall in a jiffy (not that I don’t love the way a collection of silhouette’s look). I’ll stick with ones that have something hidden on the inside. Do you know any others I did not find?

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  1. Rachel

    Uh, my parents are about to move and I have to start taking all of my collections. Those include McDonalds toys, smashed pennies, beanie babies, dolls, pez dispensers, Wizard of Oz stuff, postcards…it’s too much. My kid can collect one thing and that is IT.

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Jannie you totally have yourself a collection, panties count!

    Rachel, gosh the day my mother says you need to finally take all your things is the day I am in big trouble. Besides my wedding dress, 20 bazaillion old concert T-shirts from high-school and random things like a full set of Franciscan Sarburst dishes I just don’t have room for she also has all my sentimental childhood things.


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