The Rare and Elusive Indie Crafter – An Identification Guide

Time and time again, when I teach classes, attend trade shows or conduct interviews, I am asked: What is an indie crafter? People are familiar with the term crafter, but there is a distinct difference between your traditional crafts person and an indie crafter. Just ask any indie crafter.

Ask an indie crafter is precisely what Creative Leisure News did. Better yet, the definition of an indie crafter is brought to you by one of my favorite crafters, Diane Gilleland of Crafty Pod fame. Diane always has her finger on the pulse of what is hip with indie crafters and was kind enough to break things down for those not in the know.

Questions like: What is an indie crafter? What do they buy? Why are they important? If your niche market is the indie crafter, then you are going to want to devour this article like it is your last meal. Not only is the article relevant for large big box companies and stores looking for help in defining this group, it is also just as pertinent to a small craft business trying to better understand their target audience. The indie crafter is part of a larger culture that has been rather elusive to pinpoint for a long time. Thankfully, Diane is just the right person to hold your hand while discovering this important demographic.

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  1. Funky Finds

    this is hilarious…that is me in the last pic on the left…with my mouth open! LOL i bought one of those great Christmas ornies, too!


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