The Paper Bride

I have always toyed with the idea of writing a wedding book. I had a pretty crafty one myself. Through the years I have picked up oodles of vintage wedding knick knacks and ephemera still entertaining the idea. All that being said The Paper Bride: Wedding DIY from Pop-the-Question to Tie-the-Knot and Happily Ever After by Ester K. Smith was right up my alley.

If you are bride to be and not exactly smitten with the wedding options available to you, The Paper Bride helps you take matters into your own hands. Let’s say stuffy invitations and RSVP cards are not your style. There is a whole chapter on how to make your own much less traditional and much more memorable invitations. Why not opt for a message in a bottle or as Esther suggested and I used a postcard RSVP.

Don’t want a guest book covered in white lace and signed with a feather pen? The Paper Bride walks you through making your own pamphlet guest book. Part book making guide and part origami tutorial lot’s of the projects in the book could be used for all kinds of parties and events, not just weddings.

Esther K. Smith is an artist with paper. She shows you how to make every single aspect of your wedding. There are of course how-to instructions of variations on traditionally paper wedding items like announcements and invites, but Esther goes way above and beyond. Think paper veils and dresses. A paper junkies dream come true.

I have only been married 7 years and suddenly after reading The Paper Bride I want to renew my vows, mostly so I can throw an even craftier wedding.

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