That Time When Country Living Magazine Called Me the Queen of Halloween Decorating

  • Jennifer Perkins with one of her many Halloween themed Christmas trees.

You guys I’m over here hyperventilating into a brown bag – Country Living Magazine just referred to me as the “Queen of Halloween Decorating”.  I can die a happy woman, drop the microphone and X something off my bucket list.  Wow what an honor.  Pop over and read the article and take a tour of my digs through the years.  Before you go let me give you a quick teaser of a few things they mentioned.

Teal pumpkin carved to look like a vampire Halloween candy dish by Jennifer Perkins

One of the topics Country Living mentioned in the article is a subject I am especially happy to raise awareness about – The Teal Pumpkin Project.  I’ve got a kiddo with a peanut allergies so the more teal pumpkins and candy free things being handed out to trick-or-treaters the better!  Check out my post 10 Ideas for Crafting the Perfect Teal Pumpkin This Halloween for all kinds of inspiration like vampires!

Candy corn tree decorated with witches for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Everyone’s favorite Halloween tree is always my candy corn tree and I think it might be the favorite over at Country Living too.  I don’t blame them, it is pretty awesome and more versatile than you might think.  This year I’ve given the tree a witch theme complete with DIY Black Cat (that is a sponsored post, I am the brand ambassador for Treetopia) and Witchy Woman Ornaments you can make yourself.

DIY fireplace screen and mantle decor for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Did I ever tell you about the time I made a fireplace screen out of a bazillion plastic table cloths?  Ya it’s true.  Country Living mentioned this fun DIY that originally appeared over on the Eighteen25 blog.  Check out those stiffened doily spider webs over on the DIY Network.

Gold and black ombre tree decorated for halloween by Jennifer Perkins

I love Halloween so dang much I once dedicated an entire gallery wall to it and Country Living took notice.  These days in the autumn I sprinkle the pictures of medusa, kids in felt masks, candy corn marquee lights , Halloween scrapbook pages and more around the house.  The editors also took notice of my gold and black ombre tree. (That was a sponsored post – I am the brand ambassador for Treetopia)  This year it’s plural – I have two!

Hot pink tree with vintage Halloween masks and doll parts by Jennifer Perkins

Thanks Country Living for making my millennium!  Hope you get a chance to check out the article.

Want to take more tours of my Halloween house?  Why wouldn’t you, it took me a lot of time to clean for these photo shoots we should all really appreciate it.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Apartment Therapy 2016 – Take a tour of my digs last year on Apartment Therapy (or pick up the current issue of Flea Market Decor Magazine).



Facebook Live Halloween Home Tour – Are we friends on Facebook yet?  We should be.  Sometimes I do fun things like live home tours.

Jennifer Perkins Halloween home tour on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy 2015 – The best part about this home tour (besides ya know, getting to have a home tour on Apartment Therapy) is I got this adorable picture of me and my babies.  Ya my kids are in the picture with me and my vintage mask collection too.




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