Terrifying Halloween Topiaries

I’m in a topiary kind of mood. Not the kind made of plants (or brooches) I’m talking the kind made of spiders, candy and cupcake liners. I’m talking Halloween topiaries people! I love cupcake liner crafts – wreaths, topiaries like this adorable one by Craft-o-Maniac and brace yourself a cupcake liner garland.

Who can resist perky little candy covered balls atop painted dowels? Not me. I la la la love these topiaries by Two Crafty Sisters. Makes me want to rev up ye ole’ hot glue gun right now.

Here is a how-to video of some candy and tissue paper topiaries I made for HGTV. Thinking of making a few for my upcoming Halloween party.

It does not take much of a reason for my to buy anything plastic in bulk. This spider ring covered topiary by Craft Town might be all the excuse I need.

I started to make some candy covered topiaries lately and stopped half way through not pleased with the results. Not to mention have you ever noticed how expensive candy is these days? Have any fun Halloween topiary ideas you want to share?

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