T is for Thermos – Part 2

After sharing my Thermos collection last week it got me wanting more. This iconic liquid transporter has been illustrated, drilled, impersonated and more. Take a peek at all the creative uses for a thermos that have nothing to do with keeping anything hot or cold. T is for Thermos by Emily Mayhem.

I often use members of my thermos collection as a vase. This pair in orange and brown accented the fall themed baby shower I threw perfectly.

Throw pillows are not really all that practical. I always move them before I sit on the couch and am constantly having to store the ones in my bedroom since I never make my bed. All that being said it does not make me want this Thermos Pillow Cover by Coucousalut any less.

What looks like a thermos at first blush is actually a sneaky water bottle coozie and coffee mug. Those kids over at Design Sponge never cease to amaze me.

I think part of what I love about this print by Den 10 Studio is the clever title Some Like it Hot.

A thermos not only makes a great vase it also makes a great permanent home for plants. I have aloe, mother in law tongue and more planted in pieces of my collection. Check out the rest of my fun, funky and rather unusual collection of planters.

Lugging your vintage thermos score across the fields of a hot outdoor flea market like I often do can be an arduous task. Those suckers can get heavy. Why not tote your thermos in style with the help of Who Doesn’t Want That and their Eco Friendly Canvas Tote.

To a hardcore thermos collector taking a drill to your prized possession might seem like sacrilege. For some with the up-cycling spirit a Thermos turns into a lamp or a bird feeder.

I already have a collection of vintage thermos, seems like a collection of vintage thermos prints is the next logical step. Maybe I’ll start with this Giclee print of a Stanley Thermos by Sloe Gin Fizz.

For the die hard thermos lover you can even emblazon your light switch with the classic lunch box companion. Robot Candy and their School Lunch Switch Plate make it all possible.

I love a thermos with a name, especially when that name is Spiffy Dot. I tend to decorate seasonly with my thermos collection and this past Halloween I went with a polka dot theme.

Two of my loves embroidery and vintage Thermoses join forces, does life get any better than this? Thank you Campfire Chic for your Filled with Love embroidery pattern.

I’ve dipped my toe into the recycled robot waters, but this little plaid pooch puts my guy to shame.

Am I missing anything? Seen a clever use for a thermos that I’ve missed? Did I ever tell you about the time I opened a thermos to put some flowers in and discovered some very old, very stinky brown liquid from the previous owner. All I know is that the thermos was from the 60’s and the liquid was fermented, yuck.

5 Responses to “T is for Thermos – Part 2”

  1. jungle dream pagoda

    Okay…you've converted me…I need to put Thermoses on my thrift list!!!
    I adore the way you use them as vases!
    Here is my fave thermos story:Our wonderful Hi school choir teacher carried the same thermos for EVER…so junior year we stuck a little frog sticker on the bottom of the thermos that said"I'm so happy I could just s**t". We finally told her about it at the

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Shannon glad I could help! My daughter just picked some 'flowers' (weeds) from our yard yesterday and requested they put in a vase and I used a thermos.

    Love to story about the sticker. I can't believe with your wonderful stash of vintage goodies you don't already have a Thermos collection.

    Angela apparently the Thermos part of those vintage metal lunch


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