T is for Thermos – Part 1

Like most of my collections, I have no idea why I started a thermos collection. Years later I couldn’t even give you a great answer as to why I am still buying them. They are kind of bulky and God knows they are not BPA free so it’s not as if I am taking them on family picnics. What I do know is that they look cute on top of my fridge, and really do I need more reason than that?

As you can see I’m running out of room on the fridge, but I doubt that will stop this collection. Actually I have one already living on my patio that is home to a mother in law’s tongue.

I brought said thermos with plant inside for a little polka dotted themed photo shoot. I got a new camera so bare with me and my attempts at artistic thermos photography.

If memory serves this little “Happy Motoring” cutie was my first purchase. How could I say no to the mid-century modern graphics of the United States and the perky little lemon head guy.

No this is not the cutest thermos in the world, but with a name like Therm-a-Jug how could I say no. I mean really could you have left it on the table at a flea market?

If you thought Therm-a-Jug was the best name for a thermos ever, Coolerama is a very close second. Plus let’s be honest, it’s cuter.

When you think of a thermos plaid is probably what comes to mind. It seems to be the most popular option because I have more in plaid than anything else.

If your wondering what purpose a thermos has beyond gracing your fridge, they also make a great vase.

Last but not least another gem in my collection. Spiffy Dot is a thermos with a one two punch – cute name and polka dots.

So there you have it folks, another glimpse into my unhealthy obsession with stuff. Stop by next week for part 2 and even more thermoses.

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