Suitcase into a Laptop Case.

Since yesterday I traveled through the Austin, Denver and Vancouver airports with my new lap top case that I made I thought it was only fitting that I post the instructions on how I made it.

I was sick to death of having a super boring lap top case so I decided to take matters into my own hands. After my attempt at stenciling my suitcases, I thought better of painting my existing model. I thought about asking my sister Hope to paint one for me, but I already carry one her hand painted purses and there is too much of a good thing. On a trip to a local antique store called Room Service my eyes met with a small vintage travel suitcase. Everything about it was perfect the bright colors and Pucci like pattern. At first I just wanted it as an overnight bag, but then as I carried the suitcase around the store it dawned on me that it would be perfect as a lap top case. Thank God my mother the queen of crafts was in town to help me with the project.

First things first when I got home with my new suitcase I stuck my lap top inside to make sure it would fit. I also wanted to make sure there was enough room around the edges for me to include plenty of padding. My mother and I decided to use foam padding from the fabric store and cover it in fabric then glue the pieces into place.

We needed to get the padding to fit into the suitcase was our first challenge. There needed to be one solid piece across the top and the bottom was actually made of two pieces of padding. There was a layer on the bottom and then there was a piece on top of that with a rectangle shape the exact size of my lap top cut out. Padding comes in different thickness. We used a solid thicker piece for the top and the two pieces on the bottom are thinner pieces. The thing is that the foam is pretty dang hard to cut. My mother enlightened me that the best way to cut it is with an electric knife, but what do you know I didn’t have one of those. I struggled through a few cuts with scissors, but that could have taken forever. Then I remembered I had a stryo-cutter by floracraft sitting in my craft cabinet. Sure it was for cutting Styrofoam, I have used it a couple of times on Craft Lab, but I thought surely this will also cut through foam. I was right. Not like the butter cutting way it’s cuts Styrofoam, but good enough. I measured the sizes I needed and marked the foam accordingly and stryro-cutted away.

Once the pieces of foam were cut it was time to cover the pieces in fabric. I went with a stretchy black cotton. In my heart I wanted to use a lighter colored fabric but then I thought of all those trips through airport security with my grubby little hands taking the lap top in and out of these case and thought better of it. I could have gotten really fancy and sewn little slip covers for the foam, but you know I am not that kind of girl. I grabbed my tubes of glue and glued stuck the fabric into place. Making sure that the fabric was pulled taunt.

Once I had wrapped the fabric around the pieces of foam, it was time to put the padding into the suitcase. I glued the one large thick piece of fabric covered foam into the lid. Next I first glued the thinner fabric covered piece of foam into the bottom of the suitcase. Once that was in place I took the hollowed out piece of fabric wrapped foam and glued that on top of the bottom piece.

Next I let everything dry at least 24 hours and presto magic my new suitcase lap top case was born. After yesterdays long lines in customs and such I realized that I need to attach some sort of shoulder stra bad so that is my next project. When I get home.

12 Responses to “Suitcase into a Laptop Case.”

  1. lara


    See, I would’ve bought the thing (oh, what a fabulous print!) but just kept it as a regular suitcase. Look at you, all clever and stuff! 😉

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Ok Dave, not all of us can be as crafty as you – I’m working on building the computer 🙂

    Tammy no one stopped me, I think they just thought I was carrying a wee little suitcase. I’d love to do another with the “Going to Grandmas” suitcases!

  3. atomicgal aka Be-Bop-A-Loma

    Have you ever given any thought to the perhaps spraying the case with Scotchguard? Not foolproof weatherproofing….but it might help in keeping as pristine as it appears now. (After having viewed this case…methinks I’m “gonna hafta” return my $59 buck, ahem, O.D. case that I “invested in to house my spankin new HP.


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