Easy No-Sew Felt Easter Bunny Ornaments for a Table Runner

You have your Easter tree up, the Easter eggs are decorated, your Easter wreath is hung and the Easter baskets are filled – all that is left to do is set the Easter table.  I’ve teamed up with Treetopia (this is a sponsored post I was compensated and given free supplies) to show you how you can use a white Christmas garland as a table runner for Easter.  The best part are the DIY no-sew Easter bunnies made from felt.

DIY no-sew stuffed felt bunnies for an Easter table runner by Jennifer Perkins

I grabbed a slew of these adorable felt bunnies awhile back when a local Austin craft store closed and they have come in so handy to use!  You might recall I used a felt squirrel from the same artist on a fall wreath.  I realize you probably don’t have the same felt bunnies, but never fear you can always draw, stencil or paint your own onto a piece of felt. Once you have a bunch of bunnies the rest is easy!

Don’t believe me?  Check out this how-to video I did for Treetopia.  More of a step by step kinda guy or gal?  Keep reading.

DIY Easter bunnies that you don't have to sew by Jennifer Perkins

No-sew stuffed felt animals are one of my favorite projects as of late.  I made felt Halloween monster ornaments and stuffed no-sew dog pillows.  Sure, you could hand sew these guys easy but God made hot glue for a reason and I’m pretty sure it is so I never have to sew.

Supplies for making no-sew stuffed felt Easter bunnies.


  • Felt with bunny image
  • Felt (for back)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Pompom (learn how to make a pompom)
  • Scissors
  • Batting
Cut out both pieces of felt so that the sides all match.

Cut out the bunny and the felt backing so that all the edges match up.  You can add the pompom tail now with a dab of hot glue.

Glue the edges together leaving a hole for stuffing.

Using hot glue or craft glue attach the two pieces of felt together leaving a hole.  When the glue is dry stuff the felt pouch.  Use more glue to close the hole.  If you have not already attached the pompom tail do that part now.

DIY Easter table runner with no sew felt bunnies by Jennifer Perkins

All that is left to do is set the table!  I used a combination of wrapping paper, Easter egg table runner, white Christmas garland and of course the DIY bunnies.  I love the texture, dimension and fun the bunnies add.  If you are expecting kids you could fill the eggs too.

No-Sew Easter Bunny Table Runner by Jennifer Perkins

Now that was easy wasn’t it?  What do you think will you be making some bunnies this year for your Easter table?  You could do the same thing with felt eggs or chicks!  I’m going to take this idea and run with it for other holidays that I set a table for.


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