Tis the Season for Stenciled Monster Halloween Tree Skirts

If you are going to the trouble to decorate a Halloween tree then clearly you need to go that extra mile and make a Halloween tree skirt.  As my dad always says: “a job worth doing is worth doing well”.  Same goes for Halloween decorations.

Black and white Halloween tree skirt with monster stencils.

This is not my first time making a Halloween tree skirt – shocking I know.  I have another Kitschy No-Sew Spider Web Halloween Tree Skirt DIY too.  A girl (or guy) needs options right?  Plus, what if you have more than one Halloween tree?  Well clearly you need to make more than one tree skirt.

Black and white striped Halloween tree with skirt covered in monsters

This monster covered Halloween tree skirt was custom made to match my Black and white Striped Halloween Tree.  The hot pink and green panels in the fleece skirt match the ornaments and tree perfectly.  I’m kinda wondering if I can make this a real skirt for me to wear, but I digress.

Colorful felt classic monster ornaments for a Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

The key to this Halloween tree skirt’s cuteness is the Stencil 1 Monster Stencils.  Werewolves with underbites, brides with lashes for days and the rest of gang like Dracula and Frank are there too!

These awesome monster stencils come in large and small.  Check out my DIY Stenciled Monster Ornaments for a Halloween Tree.  I made these colorful creatures with smaller stencils, felt and of course pompom fringe.

OK back to the jumbo stencils and that Halloween tree skirt!

Supplies for making a Halloween tree skirt - fleece, stencils and paint

Stenciled Halloween Tree Skirt Supplies

  • Stencil1 Monster Stencils
  • Fabric paint
  • Fleece
  • Paint brush

Hot pink, black, white and green fleece tree skirt

Sewing a Halloween Tree Skirt

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of sewing, patterns, cutting and stitching here.  Let me say that my tree skirt is made with panels of hot pink, lime green, black and white fleece.  A generic tree skirt pattern was used.  An easy trick is to use a ready made Christmas tree skirt (yes they are already out in the stores) as your pattern.  If you can find one in a color you like better yet, stencil right on to that sucker!

Want more tree skirt inspiration?  Sure these are for Christmas, but they could still get your Halloween creative juices flowing: Vintage Inspired No Sew Tree Skirt and Kitschy Felt Christmas Tree Skirt.

Fleece skirt with Frankenstein stencil

Stencil Monsters Onto Tree Skirt

One important thing to remember when making your Halloween tree skirt is to make sure the panels are large enough to accommodate the monster stencils.  You will want a different monster in each panel until the pattern repeats.

Applying black paint on a Halloween stencil

How to Stencil Correctly

Attach stencil to the fleece with tape so that it stays in place.  Using a dry brush technique dab on paint.  Dry brush means NOT A LOT OF PAINT.  You don’t want the paint to get under your stencil and mess up your design. 

TIP: Not so into monsters?  Check out these Spooky Stenciled Halloween Throw Pillows for other ideas.

Colorful fleece tree skirt covered in vintage monster stencils

Stencil Monsters on Each Panel of the Halloween Tree Skirt

Finish stenciling all the way around the tree skirt.  A white piece of felt was stenciled and appliquéd onto the black panels for an extra bit of pop.

Tree skirt in pink, white, black and green with monster stencils for Halloween

Well hello there adorable vintage monster themed Halloween tree skirt – how you doin’?  Tell me you don’t want one of your own!  Fleece or felt, monsters or spiders, solid colors or panels – get crazy why don’t you!  Let your Halloween tree be your creative spirit guide and go from there.

Make your own DIY Halloween tree skirt with stencils

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  1. Emily

    This is so creative and such a neat way to use trees year-round! Thank you for sharing at our Merry Monday party. I’ll be including your monster tree skirt in my DIY Halloween Decorations Features next week!


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