Polkadot Stenciled Desk Caddy for Back to School

Who couldn’t use more desk storage in their life?  Make that storage an easy stenciled desk caddy (polka dotted to boot) and I’m in!  Using laundry cording is one of my favorite DIY tricks to transform almost anything.  Time to get that back to school study area organized, wrangle all your planner supplies and get the junk journaling junk under control.

DIY corded polka dot basket

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Was anyone else super duper excited to see the new expanded craft aisle at Target?  It was already one of my favorite stores then they went and added more craft supplies and I couldn’t be happier.  

I’ve been a BIG fan of Target’s Handmade Modern line for a long time.  Check out the needle punch ice cream patch I made with their yarn and my Creative Queso podcast interview with the Kid Made Modern Director of Marketing Danielle Kurtz.

Add Delta Creamcoat paint to that Target craft aisle and this adorable stenciled desk caddy is born.

DIY wrapped basket supplies

Supplies for Stenciled Desk Caddy

  • Delta Ceramcoat Paint
  • Handmade Modern Wood Crate
  • Handmade Foam Daubers
  • Cotton Laundry Cording
  • Hot Glue
  • Foam Sticker Sheets
  • Circular Punch

Wrapping wood crate with laundry cording.

Step 1 – Add Cotton Laundry Cording to Crate

Cotton laundry cording is the key to going this stenciled desk caddy a bit more oomph!  Find this crafty goodness in the hardware department at the store.

Attach to the wooden crate starting at the bottom using hot glue.  Glue, wrap, glue, wrap, don’t burn your fingers.  This wood crate from Handmade Modern had a handle so I stopped there.  I like the way the wood looks peaking from the top.

Even more laundry cording ideas!

  • DIY Boho Rope Bowls – Skip the search for all those colorful boho baskets to cover your walls and make your own.
  • 3 Ways to Dye a Vase – From splatter paint to ombre so many ways to upgrade a thrift store vase.
  • Revamped Easter Baskets – Cotton laundry cording can work wonders on what was once a plain plastic Easter basket.

Cropping foam polka dots

Step 2 – Punch Polka Dots

Use a paper punch designed for thick things like sticky back foam to make circles.  These circles will act as a resist when you paint.  Obviously if you don’t have a punch you can trace circles and cut them out.

Adding polka dot stencils to DIY crate.

Step 3 – Add Polka Dots to Crate

Space the polka dots out evenly.  You can cut some in half to add to the edges.  Make sure all the edges are stuck down well before you get to the next step.

Even More Stenciled Laundry Cording Projects

Painting basket cording green with stencils.

Step 4 – Paint the First Coat

Apply the green Delta Ceramcoat Paint all over the laundry cording being careful to not get any on the wood.  One coat of paint should be plenty.

Stenciled Desk Caddy with Polka Dots

Step 5 – Add More Polka Dots

You know what’s better than one set of polka dots?  Two sets of polka dots.  Use the foam dauber and Hydrangea Pink Delta Ceramcoat Paint to create an interior polka dot.

Allow to dry completely.

Green corded basket with scrap book supplies.

Boom!  Who is ready to get organized?  I adore the way the basket turned out and might just make myself (and my kids) a whole bunch more.

Love to hear what you think of these DIY stenciled desk caddies!

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