Trendy Stenciled Cinderblock Pool Umbrella Weight and Planter

I love my pool. My kids love our pool. None of us love sunburns. Sure, we use sunscreen—lots of it—but shade is also helpful.  An umbrella seemed like the obvious answer, but it kept blowing over.  I knew I needed something heavier, but what, a ton of bricks?  Actually, sort of.  That is how I came up with the idea for my trendy stenciled pool umbrella weight and planter.

Pool with umbrella weight planter


My new cinderblock planter and pool umbrella weight is like a crafty two for one special – and who does not love getting the most bang for the buck!  The cinderblocks weigh down the umbrella enough that it stopped blowing over into the pool and the paint job and succulents gave it a fun more dynamic look.  Win Win!

I throw a lot of pool parties, a girls got to keep her patio cute and functional.  Check out my post How to Throw a Pool Party That Kids (and Moms) Will Love.  Botox is expensive, shade is crucial.


Trendy Stenciled Cinderblock Pool Umbrella Weight and Planter

Enter our pool umbrella. At first it seemed like the answer to all my sunny prayers. But even with weights, our pool umbrella came tumbling down.  Plus those weights were not all that pleasing on the eye.  Second of all is there ever such a thing as too many succulents?  I think not.

I was determined to not give up on my pool shade, so this is how I took matters (and a few cinderblocks) into my own hands.


Cinderblocks Are Not Cute, But Stenciled Cinderblocks Are.

I’ll be the first to admit: Cinderblocks are not that cute. Cinderblocks painted aqua with orange honeycomb stencils, however, are cute. Seriously cute.

I nabbed my cinderblocks from the home improvement store. They are really cheap. When I got home, I piled eight of those heavy suckers into a pattern on top of my umbrella stand. Good luck blowing over now, Mr. Umbrella.

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Painted Cinderblock Planter

Next, using Plaid Folkart Multi-Surface Paint, I gave the sides of my cinderblocks a navy-and-aqua paint job.  Things are looking better already.

Let the paint dry completely before moving on to stencil-palooza.


Stencil the Cinderblock Pool Umbrella Weight

Sure the paint job is an improvement, but a stencil makes it next level.  I used a Hexagon/Honeycomb pattern from Stencil1.

While you are waiting for your paint to dry, why not try these fun DIY poolside cocktail projects that will be ready before happy hour.

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Glass Etched Cocktail Tumblers – Kinda like stenciling but with painters tape and etching cream.

Vintage Bar Caddy Planter – You really can put a succulent in anything.


How to Stick a Stencil

I used Aleene’s Repositionable Tacky Spray on the back of my stencil to make sure I had good contact between the stencil and the cinderblock. Apply stencil so that half of the honeycombs are on one cinderblock and the other half on another.


Remember – Stenciling is a Dry Brush Technique

The key to stenciling is using a very dry brush. DO NOT GLOB THE PAINT ON. I used a stencil brush to get my paint where I wanted it. Carefully pull your stencil up and wash clean. Repeat. Allow the paint to dry completely.


Add Dirt and Succulents to Your Cinderblock Planter

Next I added dirt, plastic Easter eggs, and more dirt. Yup, I said eggs. When you are filling a deep planter, using something like packing peanuts (or old plastic Easter eggs, like I did) helps your dirt go farther.


The More Succulents the Better

I knew I would be planting succulents that could withstand the Texas heat, so I used soil for cactus. All that was left to do was insert my plants.  I even planted some in the center around the pole of my umbrella.


Made in the Shade

Look how much shade there is now.  I’ll admit it, mostly mommies congregate under the shade.  May need to get a sun sail to really protect my kids.  Yes, I’m that mom who has kids in long sleeve swim suits with bits of pasty white sunscreen covered skin peaking through.

Are you eyeballing those DIY ombre hanging planters?  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to make your own.


Trendy Stenciled Cinderblock Pool Umbrella Weight and Planter

This has to be one of the easiest and best home DIY projects I have done!  Cinderblocks are more versatile than I had realized.  Think I’ll be adding them to my list of craft supplies more often!

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14 Responses to “Trendy Stenciled Cinderblock Pool Umbrella Weight and Planter”

  1. Linda

    Great idea. Of course cinder blocks are seriously cute! Friend has given me a cast upon weather vane with iron pole. Going to attach it tontaller pole and plant it in block, may cheat a bit and put quick set post concrete in main one, (might not be able to lift it ha ha but it ain’t going to fall!) then out other blocks around it, Thanks fir idea

  2. SHELLI w

    Love both ideas. I am wanting that type of umbrella also. We r on a windy hill here close to Ft Worth Tx
    This will work and both ideas look fantastic. Thanks for sharing

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for popping over Shelli. The wind issue was exactly my problem. I need to figure out something for the umbrella in my outdoor table next.

  3. Carol A Cole

    So crafty, they are beautiful not only hold the umbrella they have plants in them tomake it all come together. Great Job , Well Done.

  4. linda

    Love the look of your cinder block umbrella weights, but how do you keep the dirt from coming out of the bottom?

    • Jennifer Perkins

      Ya know it just never came out. I think some of it is that there is a big layer of rocks and plastic eggs below the dirt. Also, with succulents and cactus you just don’t need to water a bunch so there is not a lot of run off. Thanks for stopping by!


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